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Audit Query On Gov. AA Can Only Confirm Stoppage Of Paper Perfection That PDP Used In Looting Kwara -Bisi Kristen

Re: Stop Diverting Attention, Explain Audit Query on Misappropriation of N6bn, Kwara PDP Tells Abdulrazaq

It is he who wants to tell a lie that will say his or her witness is no more alive; eyes don’t just deceive. Kwarans are seeing what Gov. AA is doing with their money and knowing any auditor that failed to issue audit query when Maigida can’t pay LG salary with the same allocation Gov. AA is paying N30000 minimum wage across the board today can only be fighting the governor for not sharing money with him. Auditors that could not query N2.8bn for a flyover that the same length is quoted N2.9bn for today, 12 years ago can only be fighting the governor for not sharing state money like the past government.

Someone may ask what right do I have to reply to this and my answer is ‘…sorry, I am just passing by and saw that it needs people's opinion…’

The call from Kwara State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the state governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to explain to the people how and why he misappropriated any money is, therefore, the continuation of Kwara PDP naked dance in the market square.

If not for the technicality of the law that formed a kind of bottleneck on the running of governance; the vote of 2019 is a rejection of Maigida and all those that ran the government with him. Kwara believed looting and misappropriation were going on and voted to stop it. Kwarans are no fool to the extent of not knowing that such looting can not happen without the collaboration of the auditing department. 

Kwarans must have suspected auditing departments if they believe the past government truly looted and won’t expect a good relationship between such and Gov. AA if the Governor wants to stop the looting. How do you expect a civil servant whose salary and impress is N850k but who has got used to expenses of N850m with stoppage of such to be happy?

The statement of the Publicity Secretary the PDP, Mr. Tunde Ashaolu on the purported audit query raised by the State Auditor General on N6 billion of the state funds would have held water if the same said Auditor General was not in the Government when Kwarans believe PDP was looting. What Ashaolu is telling Kwara without knowing it is that Gov. AA is not sharing Kwara money to auditors as they were doing to cover their loot. It is therefore good news to Kwarans.

PDP is the one telling Kwara officially now and we can only assume it is from their imagination and nothing like that happened until there is an official communication from the said Auditor General. The kind of response Kwarans need from the government on the purported audit query is official confirmation so that Kwarans may troop out to demand his resignation. No intimidation is needed from the government side but Kwarans will not spare any auditor that sees nothing to query when every Kwaran was seeing money only on paper but nothing on the ground that equal to the value who now started raising queries when the work is going on everywhere. Kwara will believe such is only asking for a share of our money.

Kwarans believe (and proved that they believe by their vote in 2019) that all sixteen years of PDP are covered with receipt of none existing project perfected in paper works and know such can’t be done without collaborations. PDP is only telling Kwarans they are experts in looting and settling officials who will be looking for errors to point out so that they may be settled.

Quoting Ashaolu according to that PDP release; “…. most of which were not properly receipted,” "the Governor acted “With impunity, he was doing whatever appealed to him” and “State Executive Council meetings where some of these funds and projects were supposed to be approved do not hold”. 

To even a stack illiterate; it is clear that this auditing report is not reporting fraud but finding fault through questioning of the protocol of the decision making. An example is the question of not holding State Council meetings. How do you hold state council meeting when Commissioners are not yet in place?

Whatever transpired in any office hasn’t been and cannot be the concern of Kwara than what people are seeing as physical development a government is doing in the town. It is therefore PDP that has been taken by Kwarans for fools on their explanations concerning the scenario. PDP must know the Auditor General whom they have worked with and be able to speak on his incompetence or competency in covering or exposing the loot they perpetuated that will surely be 8 times bigger than what they call ‘the biggest executive heist in its history' as the example of a flyover of N2.9bn now that was quoted as N6bn by PDP government in 2009 or the use of N2.6bn Local Government allocation which Gov. AA is using to pay N30k minimum wage across the board now to pay N18k minimum wage at half salary in 2015.

 Importantly, the claim that “the TIC chairmen can't boast of a single project in their respective council all because the state Governor has usurped the duties of the local government councils” shows that PDP has not just called all Kwarans fools but must just be talking for talking shake while they too didn’t believe in what they are saying.

It is a sorry case that PDP that was borrowing money to augment the Local Government allocation that Gov. AA is paying N30k minimum wage from (and still doing the great work with) before they could pay half salary of N18k didn’t bother to explain to Kwara what they were doing with our money then but are still ridiculing Kwara common sense by shameless press releases that only qualify as naked dance in the market.

Just passing by as usual…

Bisi Kristien 

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