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The Thought That You Can Not Exist Without Been Tied To Saraki Dynasty's Apron As You Ride On Its Name Makes People Continue To Exposed Its Rots

Ajakiaye is just telling you what kwarans haven’t Forgotten

By Bisi Kristien

The exchange of words between Ajaikaye and Sarakite is becoming interesting while Kwarans are enjoying the debates. What is calling for attention is however the erroneous alarm of some Sarakites that Saraki Dynasty remains the hot topic to all issues.

Warren Bennis infers that the most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born-that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born'. Kwara situation under the thinking of Sarakites confirmed that the ideology of born leader and born slave are too dangerous as Warren inferred here and Sarakites need been healed of this plague  

I started seeing and agreeing with Warren as I study the body languages.and utterances of these brothers and sisters. The thinking of followers of SARAKI DYNASTY that they cannot exist politically without been tied to Saraki apron is written all over their actions and it is too bad. They draw Saraki to any light political conversation as if he is the only oxygen in their political life but still don't want Saraki to be mentioned where he actively played a role. Their daily anthem is Saraki is coming back but when you explain the reason why Kwara won't allow Saraki to come back; the reaction is what this comrade wrote that I am quoting. 'the Saraki dynasty remains the hot topic and response to all issues.

That people are telling them the reasons why anything Saraki Dynasty can not sell in the coming election shouldn’t be seeing as turning all topics on Saraki.

The thought of majority of these people is seen in the response of this friend of ours. He wrote and I quote, "I find it hard to fathom why the Saraki dynasty remains the hot topic and response to all issues but continue as usual by still centralizing all their existence on the Saraki Dynasty."

According to him all the achievements of Gov. AA was made possible by IGR Collection centralising bill of Maigida and in his word the said ‘… Ahmed, (is) Saraki’s protégé and successor …'. Common Sarakites want us to believe all goods that came to Kwara through Maigida was through Saraki but when we call Maigida stooge of Saraki and blame all the woes of the past sixteen years rule on him; they complained that we make Saraki Dynasty the hot topic to all issues.

To them, the defeated ‘former President of the Senate, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki since 2019, chose to stay aloof and allow the ruling AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq APC-led government prove its mettle..’ and he just decided not ‘challenging the questionable poll that ushered in the incompetent crop of office holder’. One can't stop wondering if Saraki have legal right to sue the voters for voting him out or what they are referring to are mere looking for missing dots and wrong spelt names to upturn popular wish as it is in many case they took to court.

Sarakites shamelessly continue to say the defeat comes ‘on a seeming political coup d’etat against a single soul… (ABS). How does total rejection of a leader from the masses based on the belief of the masses that that leader is ruling them badly amount to a coup d'etat. This continually confirm Ajaikaye's stand that Sarakite has their own yardstick for judgement that has nothing to do with general norm and what is right or wrong while stressing the need for Sarakite to understand that the.... 'Leaders are made' according to Warren and contrary to their 'born leader' belief. 

The expectations of the sensible ones from Saraki or Sarakites is for them to go back to drawing board and analyze what unmade Saraki as a leader instead of their continuous assault on Kwarans integrity by their slaver or slaves mentality.

Sarakites keep on mourning their total rejection with mentality of born to rule and sees the votes that kicked them out as a cheat and forceful seizing of their birthright. That can only explain why this people see general vote rejection as coup. But Kwara need to maintain their stand that we are not slaves of Saraki DYNASTY by exhibiting our rights of freedom in voting against Saraki again and again until he and his followers get that message clear.

 With the one way lenses of Sarakites; they won’t see their attributing all KWARA prospect to Saraki as turning Kwara issue round only Saraki since it is honouring their born leader but will see anyone telling them Kwarans have rejected Saraki slavery and his supporters slave mentality as making Saraki Dynasty issues the hot topic in all things.

Sarakites said governor (Maigida) signed into law the bill establishing the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS) and set a target towards increasing IGR from N700m to N2b. The government surpassed it Sarakites made us believe that ‘In his final year 2019, the state generated N30.7 billion,’ while maintaining that ‘this dropped to N19.604 billion in 2020, a 56 percent decrease under the AbdulRazaq government’.

Hilariously Sarakite attributed increased in performance of government in 2020 to a decrease in internal generated revenue by 56% from that of 2019 in the same article. The internal generated revenue dropped from N30.7 billion to N19.604 billion but N30k minimum wage for junior workers and many improvement in government performance is due to the same IGR. Sarakites attributes the raised IGR to Saraki but said we made Saraki the topic of discussion when we alleged SARAKI didn’t allow Maigida to work and that was *why N19bn of 2020 worked more than N30bn in 2019.

Sarakites wants us to believe Ajaikaye's 'claim is a derision on the sensibilities of Kwarans who witnessed how workers in the ‘perfect sector’ embarked on consistent open protests. Kwara nurses and midwives continue to clamour for engagement of more personnel, better welfare and facilities to work with'. Sarakites said 'This, Ajakaiye forgot to mention in his sensational article' but blamed Ajaikaye for reminding them Saraki made the health sector like that in his 16 years sole administration. Sarakites want Ajaikaye or Kwarans to acknowledge ‘the huge investment that went into the project which started in 2009 under Saraki’s administration’ but failed to have meaningful impact for 10 years until Gov. AA tenure when it started yielding. Sarakites want us to recognize huge investment but do not want us to mention the huge looting that transpired as he too confirmed that it was IGR that allowed Gov. AA to perform but the double income from the same IGR under Saraki's Maigida went into the drain.

Sarakites said '…The CPS article is nothing but a literary charade, … another act of deceit to garner sympathy votes from Kwarans to cover up for the failure and nonperformance of his boss, …' when it is glaring to the whole Kwarans as they are seeing better things. The workers and people are only asking that it goes up but they all acknowledge improvement. Sarakites want Kwarans and CPS to ‘concentrate on governance and channel energy towards resolving the deepening crisis within the Kwara APC due to the poor leadership style (in their wish, assumption and imagination) forgetting that the pensioners that are living fine now are blessing Gov. AA with grey hair’ and he needs no sympathy votes but supportive vote to keep Kwara moving. Sarakites want to maintain '… the APC-government still feels jittery of the Saraki influence’ but when CPS exposed the rots that shows the world Sarakites are non existing anymore in KWARA; it is that Saraki Dynasty remains the hot topic to all issues.

Sarakites want to deceive the world that if '….. Saraki sneezes in his Abuja home …. the Abdulrazaq government catches cold in the Kwara Government House’ but when people tell them Kwarans will not want to hear anything Saraki in 2023; the response is ‘they have turn all issue on Saraki’.

Sarakites are right to say ‘Who will stop Saraki?' (Because) No one (could have) stopped Saraki except as God ordained but the failure of Sarakites to accept that God has ordained the stoppage of Saraki as God Himself kicked Saraki out totally in KWARA by 2019 is their major problem.

The Sarakite themselves are the one that turn all issues of debates round Saraki since they are not yet healed from the mentality that their only hope in politics is through Saraki’s return. Kwarans will not however help them in deceiving Saraki but will continue reminding Saraki of the evil that made them to reject him in 2019 and the reason he won’t be allowed to come back to power in KWARA.

Even the worst enemies of Gov. AA are saying they will allow Gov. AA 10 years instead of allowing Saraki to dominate Kwara again.

Just passing by and saying you can’t be parading in a beauty contest with dirty cloth and blame people for telling you the cloth you wear is dirty 

Bisi Kristien 

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