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Stop Being Naive Just Because You Want To Oppose Gov. AA -Bisi Kristen

A reminder to the elite actors that are speaking irrationally just to discredit Government.

According to Michael Bassey Johnson; those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognizance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.” This so much apply to group of opponents that are just using lies, propaganda and half truth to get at Gov. AA today. In an attempt to paint white as black: they continuously presented themselves in a manner unfit for responsible citizens they were once held for. Bad enough they are loosing their integrity faster and melting away like mythic vampire that dare to fly in the day light.

*The public are not aware that many politicians are just actors on the political stage who are just playing written script. These actors too however need not stretch too much their luck as they are doing now as not to teach the public wisdom*. Playing a naive and acting the role of a man without understanding as many are doing now through illogical argument and unreasonable excuse.

*It is clear that Good governance definition didn’t change from ensuring that public fund is judiciously used to meet the need of public by the people in government. It is also clear that this is what Gov. AA is doing and even the enemies can’t deny that.* 

But now that the *definition of good governance to PDP or internal enemies of Gov. AA has become submit to a godfather as a governor* or perform the impossibility by using N3bn to carry out a task that N10bn can not handle. People are seeing clearly that many of these gladiators are mere pursuing greed and personal interests. These expositions are not good for the political health of these people.

Since people in government are not magicians with magic wands that create funds; whatever output from them will come from management of resources available at their disposal. Kwara knows this and that is why the gathering of some elites to discredit Gov. AA amount to the submission of Michael Bassey Johnson quoted up here. Turning the truth here turns the ground they are standing on a slippery ground which is gradually leading to their downfall.

As PDP leaders are recklessly condemn non condemnable output of the government of the day; people are seeing their attacks as mere campaign and putting all their submissions to thar box. They are not even good in propaganda to make any meaningful impact on the truth. Daily in their attempt to discredit what should be credited; they that hold them as intelligent chaps started doubting it. And their media gurus are dropping in value as they continually put fake product up for promotion.

On the other hands, the like of Chief Akogun are quickly thinking out of box since he has seeing clearly that Kwarans won’t take back ABS his group thought of allying with. He is forming a third option to continue in the business of propaganda he and his followers are good in. But this time around, chief Iyiola OYEDEPO too is seeing that Kwarans have understand his game as hundreds of people fire missiles of reply that are continually burning down the little good name that remains with him because of his last press release.

*Laurell K. Hamilton said the truth may not see you free, but when used it carefully, it can confuse the hell out of your enemies.”. Even though the truth we are rolling out daily may not have free us totally from the incubation of propaganda but it is confusing the hell out of the enemies of Gov. AA here because it shows them their lies are not selling as it used to be.*

Ajaikaye points out but people may not see it as one of our guys (ID Noble) also said and I read in a platform. For PDP or Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO to not see the difference in the 15 teachers for a school that had 7 teachers in 2019 not to talk of almost extra one renovated or constructed classroom in all wards of Kwara state now *is telling Kwara one thing. These people have dropped the general common concept of right and wrong to adopt one that sweets their group.* Clearly they take the rest Kwara for big fools.

According to Thomas Jefferson “An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes.” And that perfectly explains what is going on in the camp of PDP and Aanigba in Kwara State. They all saw the good work of Gov. AA but are saying and believing what they wish to happen. They only wish for bad output from Gov AA and seeing this great outing has thrown them out of reasonable ideas.

In my own saying; acting like a fool to get at enemies may be wisdom at the end but not acting as a wicked, liar or a deceiver because those traits can’t be mimicked. *Those that are been exposed or joining the group of liars and deceivers that are trading lies against Gov. AA today because of personal interests are only showing their true traits*. It can only mean the trials of today comes so that people may know deceivers, liars and wicked among Kwara politicians. Importantly, Kwarans need to mark their faces for future references.

Bisi Kristien 

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