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New Year: Patience Ndidi Key Greets Leaders And Well Wishers

Words are not enough to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all you continue to do to ensure this journey is successful. I am grateful for your confidence in me and for your faith and trust in God for the project ahead of us which is barely fourteen(14) months away from today.

We had so many activities in the year ending 2021 and there would be more to come in 2022 and I sincerely thank you all for the diverse contributions with regards to moving forward on our common goal.

I am particularly grateful for your investment of time, human and material resources towards the success of this great project and I am confident that as we continue to work in one accord we will see a transformed Nigeria by God's grace. 

We are going into year 2022, we are going into the year with hope, faith and strength for possibilities beyond imagination.  It is possible! 

It is possible to have a transformed Nigeria where the current challenges of basic necessities of life is no longer luxury but a right and need that must be met consistently. 

It is possible to have a transformed Nigeria where human infrastructure is made an actionable priority in our development plan. 

It is possible to have a transformed Nigeria where our food and energy production is sustainable and able to meet our domestic need with surplus; enough to support our African neighbors.......

It is possible to achieve these and many more as we continue to work together, combining our time, talents and resources for this cause we strongly believe in as we chart the path for New Vision, New Voice, New Direction for Nigeria come 2023.

Thank you again visionary leaders and cheers to a  happy and prosperous New Year for you, for all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria. 

God bless us all!!!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

ENJOY 2022!!!

Patience Ndidi Key (PNK).

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