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Lumping Saraki With AbdulRazaq; Logical Turning On Safer Lane To Keep Deceiving Kwarans By Chief Iyiola Oyedepo - Bisi Kristien

Change was what was sold to Kwarans before Gov. AA was brought in and to know whether the promised change really comes; one will compare the past with the present. Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO may want to classify the claims and rebuttal from men of yesterday and today (as he described the dethroned and the new political gladiators in the State) as cacophony or tirade for his cunning gimmick of political survival game; he or other wise Kwarans know that the level of positive change that comes to Kwara will be the key determinant of success of Otoge crusade.

The word of God to King Saul is ‘we tour your kingdom and give it to a neighbour better than you which means ‘’we are better than you’’ and ‘’you are worse than us’’ will be the public debate topic as we inexorably keep a date we try to determine whom Kwara will go with in 2023.

This Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO slimy Press Release will ordinarily be taken as sincere opinion by the unwary who had been sheepishly and drowsily following his deceits from time immemorial but the wise knows the Chief haven't seen that his attempt allying with Saraki to fight Gov. AA is a failed program and that Gov. AA success in 2023 is clearly predictable is carving out another strategy to keep on deceiving his unaware followers. 

What Kwarans are expecting from Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO is to use his office of Board Chairman to exhibit the measure or standard of a good and impactful government but eating and talking at the same time? It should be how transparency, accountability, equity and effectiveness, responsiveness, adherence to the rule of law, consensus-oriented, etc. has been exhibited by the Chief since he becomes Federal Board Chairman. 

Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO constantly sweeps under carpet the fact that the people are examining him as he examines the regimes from 2003-2022 and see pure deception within his group or section of political elites.

Right from the time he was a commissioner under the dynasty he cunningly present himself as their enemy to gain supporters when he saw those ones were losing popularity and he was no more relevant among them. He forget all his roles as witnessed by many of his subordinates that directly contravened what he has been preaching for decades. He ignored the fact that people saw him openly as PDP former chairman and had his character recorded in black and white 

What Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO should be telling us is his achievements in office in six months not literature review in Stanley Macebuh ‘s article in the Daily Times in 1980 before the birth of many readers 

 Instead of the story of ancient, Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO should simply showcase the difference he has made in Governance in this Six month to practically show us what government should celebrates which are not ridiculous.

The only thing good are the articles of Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO but his activities as a commissioner, House of Assembly Principal Officer, State Party Chairman and the Board Chairman are what should be teaching us the right governance. These are what Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO should be review for us to lecture us on good governance. It is unbelievable to hear Chief Iyiola saying ‘A man’s character is better known through his actions than his words. Achievements and performances of government are known through how it has turned opportunities to prosperity among the greatest majority of its people’ while it only shows the *Chief never consider whatever he is saying under his personal characteristics or performance in offices*. Will someone help ask how Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO has impacted on his immediate group since he became a factor in Kwara politics.

Comparison of the burning and destroying of Idi-Ape, the ancestral home of Omo Laderin with the present demolished of Ile Arugbo speaks much about the chief’s predicament and shows him as *someone who is wise but sees others as big fools.*

How has Chief Iyiola as a good leader turned all his opportunities to wealth and thereby ameliorates poverty among the generality of the people if we are to use his words as search light on his leadership roles?

It is a pity that the Chief's personal story may appear to exhibit more of poor leadership that has little or no effect on the lives of the people to borrow from his word if we are to examine him but that is not the topic for today 

To continually maintain that all these Gov. AA positive moves ‘have not been impactful in proffering solutions to the real needs of the people of Kwara State’ only confirms our stand that the Chief trades on propaganda which he presented as positive critics. Repeating what people are seeing is unnecessary here but the positive move of Gov. AA is visible everywhere. 

It is a pity that some Kwarans still have to pretend to be listening to and understand these professional propagandas' traders because they see it as achieving their aim of discrediting their political opponent. The two clear messages from this blatant disregard for reality are shamelessness and assumption that the rest Kwarans are fools 

The lengthy intelligently worded propaganda of Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO would have deceived Kwara again but our elders say you can only trick a lady to bed once. That Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO and his group rode on Kwara desire for change to gain prominence in the nation and personal wealth is well known and that God didn’t handled over Kwara to them is also what Kwarans are thanking God for now after their shameless displays. This continuous cunning move to turn Kwara away from the good move of Gov. AA is a second trick which will only amount to foolishness and Kwarans aren’t fools to fall for it again.

The most sympathetic thing about this is that thousands of kids will be forced to rise and be insulting Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO from this moment on. This is because his unguided disregard for truth in a bid to get down his political enemy is constantly insulting the young ones' intelligence. Chief Iyiola OYEDEPO is behaving like a mother that sees the rest Kwarans as her 2 to 3 years kid who will readily believe if she tells them she is keeping the meat in her mouth as the kids watch her eating the meat.

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