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Kwara South Region Lacks Quality Representation -Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde

Call for proper representation at Kwara south political offices...

The Head of Operations of T-Cole Filmworks, and a global political advocate has called for proper representation at the coming electioneering season.

The Ekitl LGA born vitcome and pro saraki advocate has called on meaningful Kwarans to ignore aspirants without positive course and with fake lifestyle.

Amb. Anjorin describes aspirants that doesn't centre at genuine development of kwara south youths and kwara South Political Environment as a whole as "sakamanje aspiration", .

The global leading pro saraki advocate also condemns the growing level 
of insecurity within Kwara South, faults Sen Lola Ashiru and Hon Ajulo-Opin for being lesser than what they look.

"I used to see Hon Ajulo-Opin as a proactive youth before he assume office, as well as Sen Lola Ashiru. This is why it's wrong to judge a book by it's cover, the two have obviously failed the region, they both have turned deaf ears to Kwara South cries, they were no where to be found when our people are been Kidnapped. 

None of them have even visited the families of any of the Kidnapped or murdered victims within Kwara South and it's so unfortunate that's what government representation has turned to". He stressed.

The peaceful advocate hence plea to Kwara South Youths to rise up and seek more better representation come 2023. He urges them to ignore flashy candidates who lives on social media but to choose a grassrooter who will be there if they seek attention, who will be there if they need support, someone who will be out voice when we need them.

Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde also said, "Boreholes are not the only projects that can be facilitated in Kwara South and painting of classrooms is not the only project our schools owe the so called representatives, Kwara South can also have the facilities that makes the representatives base in other regions, our presentation over the last 20 years has been nothing to write about".

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