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Iyiola Akogun's Rabid Lust For Power And Kwara's Future By Abiodun Mohammed

The season is finally here. It's about a year to general elections.A time for mudslinging and character assasination by opposition, wailers and haters.

We woke up on the second day of the new year to read another Iyiola Akogun's attack on the administration of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq, our exemplary Governor in Kwara State.

Akogun incredibly compared AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq's administration to that of his former master, Bukola Saraki but failed woefully in his comparison.

In any case ,it must be stated that Akogun as a former state commissioner is undeniably a product of the Saraki/ Bukola dynasty that enslaved Kwara until the 'O to ge' revolution of 2019. He is tied to the past, and his actions now is akin to an old dog going back to his vomit. Akogun cannot see a new Kwara because his binoculars is opaque and mirrored to the past. 
Kwara may not be at the promised land yet but on its way there and certainly not where it was in 2019.

How can Akogun, founder of a mushroom unlicensed “Leadership Institute compare a dynasty that looted Kwaras commonwealth with an administration that has been repeatedly commended by the people of Kwara State and international observers alike.
If from 1979 to 2022, over four decades , Akogun sees nothing good in his country of origin , he needs both an optician and a shrink. 

Only a blind Charlatan living in Kwara State will conclude that there’s nothing positively different in the advent of Governor AbdulRazaq's two years of a selfless and purposeful Administration.

Akogun is driven only by his egocentrism and sole ambition of becoming Governor through back door, by being a Deputy Governor. His desperation and failure to be picked as Gov AbdulRahmans Deputy is the main reason for his hateful and illogical condemnation of Governor AbdulRazaq. With the benefit of hind sight, it was a very good decision not to pick him as Deputy Governor.

How on earth can any reasonable person compare Gov AbdulRazaqs Administration with 16 years of Bukola's Corrupt and inglorious leadership of the State? Akogun's sinister motive is out in the open . He is a shameful embarrassment to majority of Otoge champions, leaders and players in Kwara politics.

By Akogun's sweeping condemnation of Nigerian governments at all levels since 1979 ,which obviously is self indicting as he was also a state Commissioner ,it is clear that even if “a Saint “ was the Governor of Kwara or President of Nigeria ,Akogun will also not be satisfied with him ; unless ofcourse he alone becomes the Governor himself.
Akogun's definition of “minimum government “ is obtuse and deserves no response 
How can Akogun deny Governor AbdulRahaman's achievement in completely turning around the previously blacklisted Kwara SUBEB and now rated the best in Nigeria; all achieved within two years of AbdulRahaman's wise investment of significant resources in repositioning education in the State?.

It is also surprising that Akogun failed to appreciate the Social Investment Programme of the AbdulRazaq's administration which has benefitted over 30,0000 poorest of the poor ( the largest of such programmes in Nigeria); a clear departure from the ignominious style of the displaced PDP Saraki leadership of subjecting the elderly to collecting pittance as handouts in inhumane and often fatal circumstances?
Instead, he chose to dwell on the demolition of 'ile Arugbo', a state government property illegally acquired by the deposed dynasty.

Is Akogun aware of the laudable Social investment Programme which uplifts the not only the underprivileged but has also assisted startups and small business owners to expand their businesses.

Akogun wilfully turned a blind eye to the situation of the States Civil Service pre 2019 when civil servants were receiving salaries piece meal and pensioners were not paid their pensions and gratuities.

For the avoidance of doubt, Governor AbdulRazaq has turned around the health sector contrary to the myopic view of Akogun. In less than three years, over 40 Primary Health Centres have been rehabilitated, three General hospitals repositioned while work is in progress in other health facilities across the state.

Akogun obviously pretends not to see the over 600 schools being constructed and renovated nor will he admit the historic recruitment of over 5,000 qualified teachers on non- partisan basis.

Kwarans are witnesses to AbdulRazaq's achievement in road construction across the state. Every part of the state has benefitted from new roads and rehabilitation.

It is amusing that Akogun will compare the proposed Tunde Idiagbon bridge at Tanke to Bukola Saraki's bridge in Post office. Is Akogun aware of the grid locked traffic along Tanke and Pipeline roads because of the areas rising urbanization, commercialization and high commuting traffic to the expanding University of Ilorin. Kwara is better by far under this Administration.

In a rapidly growing city like Ilorin where a transparent governance , peace and security is attracting more investors, the provision of critical infrastructure is a necessity. I wonder what Akogun teaches at his fake Leadership Institute.

Governor AbdulRazaq is not only working to make Kwara an Investment destination but also a state for medical tourism. This informs the establishment of International Conference Centre and the Oncology centre to handle cancer cases.

It is puzzling that Akogun cannot differentiate between the importance of the Innovation Hub and IVTEC established by the previous government. 

The innovation Hub is a technology Park meant for Tech Natives and IT gurus; it is not a Technical college as Akogun struggles to grasp.

The innovation Hub is planned to train and enable young Kwarans to compete for the best info tech jobs in the world. 

A garment factory expected to create about 3000 jobs is also being built by the administration. This will no doubt increase opportunities for young indigenes of the state seeking employment.

In his rabid quest for power, Akogun failed to admit that a local NGO, ENetSUD gave pass marks to the State government for its prudent management of the Local Government finances as captured by the end of the year assessment of the Local Government Auditor General Mrs.Remi Suleiman.

He turned his blind eye to the fact that council elections are held up by litigation instituted by former Local Government Chairmen challenging their removal by the State House of Assembly. The unresolved litigation by some members of the erstwhile Kwara State Independent Electoral Commission is also precluding the plans the hold LG Council elections.
Akoguns new year letter is an old school missive which has misfired; its addressed to those who want Kwara to return to the old order where the resources of Kwara were plundered and shared among a few insatiable politicians to the deprivation of our people. It will no longer happen.

Akogun should be reminded that Kwarans now know better and are not ready to go back to their inglorious era.

Abiodun Mohammed lives in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital

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