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Bode Towoju Has Joined The Monkey Business, Dealing In Lies, False Information And Propaganda By Bashir .S. Jimoh

...Overzealous with the failed "Àsàáró Elepò redéredé' strategy"

The statements made by the New commissioner for Information, Mr Bode Towoju are in no way different from all that have been said by his Principal and predecessor. That is "let us attack the past administrations and cover our own deficits." 

What was supposed to be a media parley with the Honourable commissioner and an avenue for the government to familiarize the public to its programmes through the media became a circus and mockery of his position and the government he represents.

As a commissioner for information one would expect him to sell the Governor to the people with the achievements of his administration, if their is any by the way, but Towoju is aware that AbdulRazaq is a hard sell of a bad goods, so the easy way out is to throw false claims about the past administration Mr Towoju is trying to force the mask of despot on, didn't touch him nor persecute him when He openly led a protest from post office in 2018, against the PDP Government at that time with Masquerades and traditional worshippers etc.
Did any one stop him? Can same be done now without being attacked or bundled into prison by this present AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman Government that can not stand constructive criticism, the likes of Sholyment ,Ogunlowo and Babatunde can tell the tale for anyone who dares to challenge the almighty AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman.

If by now, deep into its third year, the state government do not have a new mantra nor major achievements to call their other than the deeds of the previous administrations, although I don't want to be the harbinger of doom but our state is in trouble.

There is no way one should be surprised by Towoju's antics, it's obvious that his penchant for telling lies and propaganda seems to be why he was appointed as commissioner and in trying to justify and defend the disappointing and horrendous disaster called AbdulRazaq administration, he is still resulting to the old pre election tricks and lies.

The governor and his apologists have a lot of explaining to do, for example,where is the #8bn spent on health care in the first year of this administration?

The #300m missing from the Local governments funds as alleged by a former Commissioner Aisha Pategi still lingers in our minds, because the local governments have since become a personal coffer of the Governor, little wonder he kept his underlings there.

An administration that has received close to #300bn in revenue should have done far better job than the mediocrity we're being subjected to, where have the money gone?.

What has happened to these monies except for the repainting of few classrooms, interlocking and patching on some roads,no legacy projects to be commissioned by Mr Governor, I just pray that in his wild hunting for legacy, he wouldn't ask the rice farmers in Lafiagi and Pategi to bring their rice to Ilorin to make a rice Pyramid .

Mr Towoju might have gotten the reality twisted if not ,why will a looter who want to escape from a vengeful government, cross carpet to the direct opposition of such government, the Honourable commissioner need to put some semblance of sanity into his assertion.

It is quite obvious that everyone is trying to abandon a sinking ship or better still they're fed up of the failed promises, lies and propaganda, the exact game Mr Towoju is playing at the moment.

Just like his Principal, Governor AbdulRazaq and other mouthpieces, Mr Towoju has made quite an entry into the public discourse, making unfounded claims of some phantom looters that the government couldn't find nor prosecute if at all there is any.

Everyone has been saying that if the government have all the necessary documents to back all the claims they are making against the 'ghost' looters and their usual culprits, the past administrations ,they should not resort to mere saying it on the streets like some tales by moonlight.

I want to assume they have their facts on ground and if they are sure about their claims , they should go ahead and prosecute, who so ever is found wanton as a responsible government instead of unnecessary lies and false rhetorics,people are no longer moved by those anymore.

The Botched Tanke Bridge project, where are the funds advanced to the contractor ? And not to even think that AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman gave a #2bn to the same construction company without any due process.

Such a bold claim by a person representing a Governor who has made a name for his unscrupulous disposition to public funds.

What happened to the Yaman Sy Abdullahi Governorship campaign funds when Towoju was appointed as DG in 2018, he himself have a huge integrity test to pass through before the people, before he could deem himself legitimate to ask the questions he is asking and it is better to check oneself before pointing fingers.

The structure of lies and propaganda are crumbling, so it is understandable that AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman administration are panicking, they have told enough lies to last a lifetime, we all remember the failed salary increment promised to civil servants. 

The cardinal point of the propaganda made by the present government prior to the elections in 2019 was how Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki always come to the State to take his chunk of the allocation every month, we heard he comes in the same flight as the money.

The question on everyone's lip is that now that Saraki is out of the government, where are those monies now?.

How ironic is it that the same thing that the Saraki family have been accused of over the years is exactly what the Governor and his siblings have subjected the state to, they have shared various parastatals amongst themselves.

Now all the revenue generating consultancy is done by them and some members of the house of Assembly, and we have concrete evidence to back it up from staff and people working for them, which we will expose to the world soon.

We're are aware of the money fleeced out from the coffers of kwara to a baby mama of the Governor, who is a real estate business woman in Lagos.

The beast of lies and propaganda has been fed by theGovernor AbdulRazaq Administration far too long,If we all allow this unbridled beast to roam our streets untamed, it might later consume itself and others..

Bashir .S. Jimoh
Head of Legal and investigation Unit,
kwara Integrity, Stability And Accountability forum ( KISAF)  
20th of January, 2022

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