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Boda Rahmoni Is Better Than Them And The Reason We Are Opting For Him! By Bisi Kristien

Kwarans have nothing to regret on...

King Saul was anointed by Prophet Samuel too before the same Prophet Samuel anointed King David as his successor but not from King Saul linage as it supposed to be in that society’s norm.

Yes! King Saul was anointed by Prophet Samuel on the instruction of God and normally; Jonathan the son of Saul or any surviving son should be King after Saul but the same Prophet Samuel anointed King David instead of one of the sons of King Saul.

This is one of the scriptural examples that needs guide Sarakites or aggrieved APC member as they question why God anointed Boda Rahmoni instead of one of them so that they may be guided right. 

It is necessary this people are guided right so that they may understand that submission to God’s will is the safest way when one is in an encounter with move of God of this type. As in the case King Saul; some of the followers of the disposed Leaders can’t understand why until they read the message of Prophet Samuel to King Saul. He said, *‘behold we tour your Kingdom; and we give it to a neighbor better than you.’*.

Most of the wise Kwarans endorsed the change move in 2019 not because they trusted any politicians to do it right but just because they want to try another hands. People are not that unaware of the personalities of many that are leading that crusade of change and if they will be sincere; they will tell you much cannot be expected from many whose records are in open since they are all ex this or ex that. 

Baba Lai Muhammed, Boda Iyiola OYEDEPO, Boda BOB etc., are people who have served or are still serving and their outputs or inputs are there in public domain; the wise ones know these people cannot offer more than what they have. It is not a matter of discrediting; what these people have contributed to their immediate families, their communities and Kwara at large are witnesses of their limitations.

So, when God of Kwara toured the Kingdom of Saraki Dynasty; they are not saying anything different from what Prophet Samuel said (to King Saul) to Boda Bukola. Behold, we tour your kingdom and give it to a neighbour better than you. In this all Kwarans are agreeing that this government of Boda Rahmoni is better than the one under Boda Bukola in the past. Kwara therefore have nothing to regret. 

As King David didn’t prove to be an Angel after succeeding King Saul, is no one expecting Boda Rahmoni to be Angel after succeeding Boda Bukola. Kwarans are only expecting a change to the excessiveness of Boda Bukola that made the whole Kwarans rejected him and thank God that is happening fast.

As King Saul had many fine Warriors that wanted to return the Kingdom to his son and were fighting King David then; it is expected that many fine Warriors with Boda Bukola will camp for a showdown as they are doing now in preparation for 2023 election but it is clear they are going in the path of supporters of King Saul.

Most of us even think it was Aunti Bukola before 2019, we did not know the child that was used to describe Baba Saraki Oloye Baba Bukola is a male. So, that Boda Rahmoni exported himself into politics is the same if not better than the imported Boda Bukola. Kwarans will get to know and be closed to Boda Rahmoni as they did to Boda Bukola when he too was imported to politics.

Even Boda Iyiola (the best locally made among them) was imported from the far North while Boda BOB and Boda Lai were imported or is it exported himself from Lagos. Kwarans assimilated them all and will assimilate Boda Rahmoni too. The fact that Boda Rahmoni is doing it better than them all is what Kwarans desire and will sustain. 

The advice or is it appeal to the fine Warriors that are loyal to the family of the toured kingdom like that of King Saul followers is for them to learn from scripture and remember no one fight God’s will and win – it is unnecessary we keep on telling them what they already know that those people always fade away with time. And they may hinge their stand on loyalty and believe God won’t let them down. In that we will remind them their Leaders let God down by misrule the people of God whom in turn cry to God before God toured the said kingdom. Unless their loyalty emerges from the desire to fill their belly they will know that loyalty was first to the state before it goes to the leader and it is supposed to be for the goodness of the state. *And since such loyalty is no more to the goodness of the state; it becomes disloyalty to God and won’t get God’s backing.* In a nutshell; God is letting them down already if they refuse to back off for mere ego.

To remind you God has toured Saraki Dynasty's kingdom in Kwara by 2019 and has given it to Boda Rahmoni. And also to call your attention to the fact that Boda Rahmoni's works has being proving him to be better than them since he sits on the throne. 

Thank you for calling Boda Rahmoni's attention to all other areas he needs to improve on but stop doing that with the hope that Kwarans will return to Boda Bukola or someone else soonest. Kwarans will allow this better governance to continue for good eight years.

It is the same God that anointed Boda Bukola through Kwarans and the then Federal Government in 2003 that anoints the better Boda Rahmoni through the same Kwarans and the Federal Government since 2019.

God knows best.


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