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We Understand PDP's Fear But Gov. AA Won't Steal That Bond As Your Leader Probably Did By Bisi Kristien

Re. Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq's spirited efforts at bending the truth has failed again

No one will blame PDP Public Relation Officer for his consistent irrational accusations against Gov. AA as the governor tries to keep the Kwarans informed about his numerous efforts to better the plight of all. It is what Yoruba call ‘awa naa wa nibi’ move so that people may not forget Kwara isn’t a one party state which it is gradually turning to.

There is nothing to think of when one reads the release of Ashaolu than that, he just want to talk so that people will know PDP too is still existing or how will someone says the government that is everywhere in its development work makes lie his core agenda according to Ashaolu statement here: ‘Lies, falsehood and propaganda are the core agenda of his administration.'

What seems to be the headache of PDP stalwarts in Kwara is what Ashaolu calls ‘spurious and unquantifiable claims and assertion’ but which is the fact on ground to see by all Kwarans. That is the talk '… of how great governance has been’ since Gov. AA comes to power. That the Governor is saying what he is doing shouldn’t be PDP headaches if PDD during his own rule had done what can defend their take as allocation on ground. Such work will be the one replying Gov. AA now but not this awa naa wa nibi noises which Ashaolu is making.

Ashaolu is asking 'Where is the said economic growth in the state?' and wants us to believe as he said '…. economic growth that is mainly seen on papers and phantom stories’ but was not even sure of his stand but conclude that the growth '… can hardly be called economic growth if it isn't felt in our people's daily lives’ which mean he agreed there is a growth and the growth may soon be felt in the lives of the people.

PDP wants us to believe the security is worst in Kwara by citing ‘the Magaji Erubu, Dr Zubair Erubu,' and the regrettable death of ‘late Onijala…' when everyone knows that the nation insecurities and menace of bandit is such that there is hardly a state as secure as Kwara State. Even Abuja and Kaduna with technical facilities that should ordinarily stop bandits are feeling the heat more than Kwara in hundred folds. In as much as we attributes the peace here to God and still seek His continuous protection. Everyone knows effort to secure the state on the part of the KWSG is commendable. 

In all the noises made by Ashaolu to discredit Gov. AA master plan or efforts, nothing can be pick out except the broken record sound that'… 35B bond wasn't included in the budget' and what they term ' … outrageous the repayment plan’and ‘from money due to Kwara state from the federal allocation’. Help me asked Ashaolu, shall we pay the bond Kwara State took from Lagos allocation? Or better still, when Dr. Bukola took the bonds; how did he paid it differently from how Gov. AA wants to pay now.

Like anyone that wants to make mountain out of mole hill; Ashaolu is crying that '… the governor has signed an Irrevocable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) for N630, 203,900 to be deducted monthly from the federal revenue allocation due to the state, a debt the state will continue to pay years after he is gone’ but the question Ashaolu needs answer is how many year did Kwara use to pay the bond Dr. Bukola took? How much is Dr. Bukola or Maigida his successor paying from allocation monthly? How much was the state total monthly allocation then? What condition made Dr. Bukola took those bonds? Peradventure, when Ashaolu or PDP answer this; we will know what justified Dr. Bukola’s bond but made it unjustifiable for AA to take now.

However, going by Ashaolu simple mathematics that N630, 203,900 is to be deducted monthly from the federal revenue allocation which is at average of N2.5bn and IGR of N1.5bn to be pessimistic; what Ashaolu is saying is that paying half a billion from N6bn or N4.5bn at worst to get N32bn to execute a lasting development plan in a state is mortgaging the state.

Somebody should help us ask Ashaolu, if he is offer a loan of N32m to build his house as a tenant struggling to pay rent and the repayment is 500, 000 from a monthly salary of N5m to be paid for ten years; will he decline and remain without roof on his head just because of the repayment?

Again, I maintain; Ashaolu or his PDP are only sceptical on the issue of the bond because they thought it would be stolen probably as their boss stole the bonds he took. Since they knew what happened then; they may be scaring of its repetition. We are however assuring PDP that Gov. AA won’t use the bond the way their Bosses used their own which they are fearing.

The example is the flyover that Dr. Bukola spent N2.8bn on more than a decade ago which Gov. AA is now going to spent N2 3bn on even though the price of cement and iron bar are eight times that of ten years ago.

We understand the shamelessness of PDP or is it that they believe their Leader has bought Kwara and whatever he did won’t be questioned when they are condemning someone that is doing far better than him or they won’t remind us of flyover issue. If Dr. Bukola can built a flyover and they saw it as normal, how in their right sense they felt Gov. AA can’t.

The entire people in PDP that reason this way ‘must have really rated Kwarans Intelligent Quotient ( IQ) very low, to have thought’ that they can talk on flyover without reminding Kwarans that their boss had budgeted 4000 for a bag of cement in 2010.

PDP questioned Gov. AA ‘… rationale behind the Tanke bridge’ and is insinuating if '…. is not one of his desperation at creating a phony legacy for himself’ which mean they are telling us Dr Bukola Saraki too did that of Post Office flyover to set a phony legacy plus the using 2022 future value. Or better still in their normally thinking that Saraki is the only one entitled to leave a legacy and wants Kwara to stop Gov. AA or any other Kwara from having a legacy their supreme leader has set.

I think it is high time PDP stopped ridiculing their Leader by talking on the bond because it reminds Kwarans the possible fraud that transpired during the spending of the bonds their Leader took. It only remind Kwara they should not try to reverse back to that era of multiplying contract sum by eight.

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Bisi Kristien 

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