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Wahab Oba: A Jingoist In Lost State Of Mind By Yusuf Abdulmumeen

An attempt by a former Spokesman to former Governor AbdulFatah Ahmed,Wahab Oba to stir the embers of disunity in Kwara ahead of 2023 governorship election is dead on arrival. Maladjustment to the current realities of good governance in Kwara is evident in Obas very poor essay. Ethnic jingoism is the natural refuge of failed politicians and their town criers. 

Oba, an incompetent Chief Press Secretary whose work was done by the then Senior Special Assistant Adviser Communication, Dr Femi Akorede has suddenly become an' analyst 'on Kwara Politics to pedestrians of his ilk. Empty fellows like him often resort to naked lies to push dirty agebda. 

Reading through his latest write-up, one can conclude that he is still incapable of differentiating between apples and oranges. 
For the record, Governor AbdulRahman is an exemplary leader whose focus is on the development of Kwara State as a whole. He is not an ethnic Jingoist. He has been evidently just ,fair and equitable as could be seen in all political appointments into public office and distribution of projects and opportunities .
He has also spread developments equitably across all the Senatorial districts unlike his predecessors.

Oba and his co-travellers should return home to see the positive impacts of the AbdulRazaq's administration in the lives of Kwarans across the 193 wards in the state.

What legacy did AbdulFatah Ahmed leave in Kwara South, under who Oba served as Chief Press Secretary?

He left a legacy of dilapidated schools, collapsed public health and infrastructure and frustrated and dejected Civil Service. 
It is ridiculous that Oba who worked under globally acknowledged corrupt and worst regime that deceived the people of Kwara for Sixteen years in terms of provision of basic amenities and other dividends of democracy would suddenly wake up to become an ethnic champion.

Without any doubt, the 
roads, hospitals and schools that Oba's principals left unattended to, in Kwara North and the two other Senatorial districts have been rehabilitated and equipped by Governor AbdulRazaq.

The State Civil Servants and Teachers whom AbdulFatah Ahmed owed for several months and dehumanized, now receive their salaries promptly and those who have retired are paid their pensions and gratuities as at when due.

We make bold to say that AbdulRazaq's two and half years achievements have surpassed that of the dynasty's 16 years rule.

It should be clear to Oba and his masters that the difference between the AbdulRazaq's administration and the sixteen years of Bukola Saraki/ Fatah Ahmed administrations is like comparing darkness and daylight. Kwarans now know the difference.They have resolved never to go back into darkness where their. commonwealth was looted with impunity.

The former Chief Press Secretary should stop dreaming and wake up to reality that the days of dynasty are over, Kwarans have been liberated from the blood sucking political vampire of Saraki era and his surrogates.

An attempt to whip up the ethnic card by Wahab Oba and his pay masters is therefore dead on arrival as reasonable people can see through the antics of the dynasty to come back to power through the backdoor by parroting fake love for Kwara North. People are wiser now.

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