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Policemen Assault, Threaten To Shoot Man For Reporting Kidnap Incident At Police Station

A kidnap victim who came to report the incident at Elimbu Police Station, Eneka Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, was physically beaten and threatened with being shot.

When the complainant told the officers that they were wrong to demand money from him just because he wanted them to do their jobs, the officers resorted to physical abuse.
According to a report by SaharaReporters, at around 7 p.m. on Saturday, Ken and three of his friends were heading home to Rumuokorisi in Port Harcourt from a burial when four shooters approached the Lexus 330 SUV they were riding in.

Before hauling away the four teenagers in the vehicle, the armed guys fired multiple shots into the air to scare off onlookers.

The SUV ran out of petrol while they were being led to an unknown destination by the kidnappers along Igbo Etche Road, one of the most dangerous locations notorious for abductions and ritual killings in Rivers State.

While Ken and the two others were trapped inside the automobile, one of the gunmen rode away on a motorcycle with one of the males in the vehicle, Samuel.

Two of the three remaining kidnappers went in search of petrol a few minutes later, leaving one of their colleagues to keep an eye on Ken and his two companions.

After one of the three young men was able to sneak out of the vehicle’s boot, the three young men were able to overcome the gunman. They quickly made their way to the Elimbu Police Station, where they hoped to receive assistance.

Instead of getting help from the police officers at the station, Ken, the most outspoken of the three young men, was pummeled and threatened with a revolver.

He said, “My friends and I escaped to the police station to report and ask the policemen to help move our vehicle away from the scene of the incident but they asked me to provide money for petrol for their van.

“The request sounded weird to me, so I told them that it was a wrong thing they were demanding from me, that they are being paid with our taxes to protect citizens.

“The policemen immediately got angry and started slapping and beating me. One of them cocked his rifle and threatened to shoot me if I didn’t leave the police station.

“They told us to go and face the kidnappers on our own since we didn’t want to provide the money they demanded.

“We were forced to hire vigilante guys to secure the car for us at the spot where it went off till the next morning after the police refused to follow us to two the car away from the place.

“The kidnappers did beat or touch any of us. They only went away with our mobile phones, ATM cards and cash in our wallets when they realized that the vehicle had stopped and distorted their plans.

“They couldn’t come back to the car after we escaped from the last guy because they knew we would have gone to report to the police and bring them back to the place.”

Further narrating the frightening experience at the hands of the kidnappers and policemen, Ken told newsmen that a police emergency number he later called at about 1:30am on Sunday to report the incident and ask for help yielded no positive outcome.

He said, “When I narrated our experience with the receiver of the call on the police emergency rescue number, the person rather than providing any type of assistance simply told me to go to my house and sleep.

“When I reminded the receiver of the call that I and my friends were kidnapped a few meters away from my house on Saturday night, the person told me to go home and then dropped the call.

“I and my friends and I had to look for somewhere safe to spend the night. Up till this moment, I am still too afraid to come out of my house anyhow because of that incident. It was a lucky escape for me and my friends.”

The spokesperson for the Rivers State Police Command, Nnamdi Omoni, did not respond to calls and a text message on the incident sent to his mobile number as of the time of this report.

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