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PDP Kwara And Their Cockroach Horse! By Bisi Kristen

When we were kids, our parents do talk of "gbigbe ra eni gun esin aayan" which directly translate to ‘riding on cockroach horse’(deception/daydreaming). You will like to ask what is cockroach horse’. There is a kind of movement that cockroach made that makes it look as if it is riding on horse as you know horse move majestically. The only joke that comes to mind as I watch Kwara PDP members celebrating in hopelessness.

I watched the national convention of PDP and saw governors having their day which remove any hope that north central, north east or north west can clip presidency. I won’t therefore understand Kwara State PDP talking about presidency when the primary result in the later year can not be different from what played out in the party convention. Atiku and ABS that carried northern presidency agenda lose out woefully in that convention leaving us with realization that northern presidency is dead on arrival in PDP. What described PDP celebration of contest for presidency in Kwara is nothing but cockroach horse riding. Presidency pursuit in Kwara to the wise is nothing but a gimmick to keep party busy.

On the other hands is the performance and struggle of Gov. AA in Kwara which is reducing the chance of any opposition in Kwara to zero in any future election. One will therefore be forced to wonder what may be causing PDP members noises in this zero chance environment they find themselves in Kwara. The conclusion will be the same; PDP Kwara are doing jolly ride on cockroach horse.

The funny issue about cockroach horse riding is that it never leave a spot and since all indications are pointing to the fact that PDP is going no where; one can do nothing but to allow PDP to enjoy their cockroach ride as the false hope will help them to survive the likely depression that may result from that hopeless situation.

What is also necessary is for us to let people know that PDP Nationwide is going no where while that of Kwara is in worse situation. Because nothing in Kwara is giving small chance to PDP for resurfacing. One can as well accept that this strategy of noises is not put in place to win 2023 Election in Kwara but to keep PDP beyond 2023. PDP Kwara is only looking for what to do or say that will keep their followers together so that they may still remain a strong force till 2027.

PDP rally and mobilization is therefore necessary and let that intimidate no one. Among 2 million Kwarans, if 100,000 adults are still with PDP and 5, 000 was mobilized to come out among them in other to create false impression that PDP still exists doesn’t mean that the 500, 900 population that voted PDP out in 2019 are not In the remaining 1,800, 000 Kwarans who are not dancing under the tree.

Let the good work of Gov. AA continue as Kwara PDP enjoy their jolly ride on cockroach horse. We ought to know and if we don’t know till now we are now knowing that PDP Kwara are not working toward 2023 with this dance or noise. They only scheme to remain intact till that Election.

Just passing by Bisi Kristien 

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