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Only The Puppets Limit Kwara Governance Discussion To ’Supremacy Battle Of Anyone With The Saraki’s As PDP Thinks By Bisi Kristien

Gov Zulum associates with Gov. AA because birds of a feather flocks together.

Someone needs to remind PDP PRO, Mr. Ashaolu that from 1999 till date, three governors have ruled before Gov. AA. One four a single tenure of four years while the other two served two terms of eight years each. Blaming past governments or governors should not be seen as attack on Saraki's unless Ashaolu wants us to believe every PDP member or APC member when Saraki was in APC is just a clone of Saraki.

The outburst of Ashaolu could have been understandable if he didn’t interpret the identification of past bad governance as source of problem for KWARA education system as an attack on Saraki family. Such a puppetish mentality easily made Ashaolu forgot that Maigida was not from Saraki’s family and he was a governor for eight years too after Saraki. But in Ashaolu and his co PDP mentality; no one else has family identity among them and whoever speaks to any of them is attacking Saraki Oloye. 

Someone should help us tell Ashaolu that the governor was saying that education sector was bastardized in the last sixteen years by those in government and that Saraki was just one of many people that handled that sector badly. That doesn’t make the statement an attack on Saraki’s family or fighting for family supremacy as he wants us to believe.

It is ridiculous for ‘the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Kwara State'…. to.. ‘admonished Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to get down to the serious work of governance' because everyone except PDP and few aggrieved politicians know that Gov. AA has been working seriously like any other working governor if not more.

What Ashaolu sees as ‘throwing wild allegations around and hunting for imaginary enemies’ is just his own misinterpretation of Gov. AA’s explanation to why he hasn’t reached the target he should have reached. The State Publicity Secretary of the party, Tunde Ashaolu, also knows that filling a pit will make it appears no sand was poured until the pit are full and it may demand explaining to those that are seeing sand disappearing with heaps to show for it to make them understand.

Governor Abdulrazaq needs not showing off on his achievements to his guest because the achievement are showing themselves and only PDP are struggling to present those great achievements as failures because allowing the true information to continue flowing will kill PDP totally in Kwara.

“PDP and its PRO might have forgotten that bird of the same feathers flock together and that Governor Zulum is associating with Mallam Abdulrazaq because they are the recognized two preforming governors in Nigeria of today.

“The two Governors are aware of the fact that the world are recognizing their good efforts in making difference and are using the opportunity of the visit to learn from themselves”

KWARANS understand that the recognition of Gov. AA performance which makes Gov. Zulum associates with KWARA is in itself an achievement and PDP wants to rubbish that great feat as they are doing with all great achievements of Gov. AA.

To PDP, everything is Bukola Saraki but KWARA has already moved from the era of surrogates and political slaves with their slave masters where political discourse centered on single person. KWARA voted good governance and Gov. AA is delivery but they also understand it will take PDP a longer time to shake their mentality from slave and master mentality..

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Bisi Kristien 

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