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#NorthIsBleeding: Group Calls On Southerners To Join Campaign, Protests Against Banditry, Terrorism

Acivil rights group, Take It Back Movement has called on all Nigerians in the South to join Northerners in their campaign against killings in the region.

The group said that there are Igbos and Yorubas living in the North, and as such activists in the South should join the #NorthIsBleeding protests.

TIB said this in a statement issued by its Public Relations Officer, Adeolu Steve, which was made available to SaharaReporters on Tuesday.

The statement lamented the “massive killings and destructions going on in the North,” describing the situation as horrible.

It read in part, "The agenda is to destroy the North, and then take over the whole country. They will impose all sorts of violence on the people through fake religious beliefs.

"This is why everyone, no matter your ethnicity or religion, must rise in protest to put a permanent end to the massive insecurity and bloodletting that has engulfed the entire North.

"Some are saying Northerners should be left alone. But even in Bauchi, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Borno; are there no Igbos and Yorubas who have invested all their livelihoods there?

"What about the millions of poor people who neither support nor believe in the cruel oligarchy? What about the millions that are being displaced hourly by Boko Haram, ISWAP, and bandits?

"If we allow terrorists to take over the North, how safe are others in the South? The best is for all of us to rise, forget about our differences, and fight together as one!

"The majority of Northerners are suffering from the same thing Southerners are suffering from. Nowhere is safe in Nigeria as it is. And there is no part of Nigeria that the government is responsible and not corrupt. So, all of us must come together and fight to #SecureNorth!”

The group described the North as a significant base of the economy, saying that is why the “terrorists are more brutal”.

It further read, “The North has also been under a monstrous oligarchy that always tries to divide and rule the North by posing as if the South is the enemy.
"But when terrorists attack, these wicked rulers are the first to run away. This is the same thing happening in the South. Governors in the East have Ebube Agu as a security outfit while those in the West have Amotekun. Yet, the level of insecurity gets higher and higher every day. What this tells us is that all the millions of people must unite from North to South."
The group also gave instances of former Nigerian leaders who did not add value to their communities as President, naming Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan's Ota and Otuoke in Ogun and Bayelsa states respectively as examples.
It also described President Muhammadu Buhari’s hometown, Daura in Katsina as being in ruins, saying that confirms that the country's leaders have nothing to offer their people.
It read further, "There is no difference among us really. The reason why the divisions are growing is because our government has failed at all levels. Most of our rulers care about their pockets than anyone, even their village people!

"Olusegun Obasanjo was president for years, Ota where he is resident is in shambles with the worst roads. At Otuoke in Bayelsa, people are living in pain due to flooding and oil spillage. Yet, Goodluck Jonathan is from there! And as corrupt, brutal, and nepotistic as President Buhari (sic); his hometown Daura remains a village in its wretched shadows while Katsina has 60% of the state in the hands of bandits and Boko Haram. So, the issue is about us the people and the tiny thieving ruling class!

"We in the Take It Back Movement and #RevolutionNow are calling on all Nigerians to join our beloved masses of the North to protest all over the country to stop the carnage in the North. Just as we are all #OnyeDot; we should all #SecureNorth!

"We must make sure we disgrace those who are dividing us from the top so that they cannot continue to oppress us from North to South. That is the major lesson that #EndSARS has taught us all.


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