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Musician Portable Pleads For Mercy After Copyright Drama

Musician Portable has apologised to Pocolee after accusing him of stealing his money and song patent.

“I apologize to all my fans and everyone showing me love especially my Oga Badoo and Poco Lee. I thank all my fans too, it shall be well with us all,” Portable said. 

The apology is coming hours after Portable accused Pocolee of stealing his money and patent rights of the song that has now gone viral, Zaazu. 

In a video that surfaced online, Portable had accused Pocolee of stealing $2,400 out of three thousand dollars given to him by Wizkid while performing. 

“Wizkid blessed me with 3k dollars but while Pocolee and I were dancing, he took the money and only released six hundred dollars,” Portable alleged. 

Portable also said Pocolee falsely put his name as the lead artist on the track, stylishly claiming patent to Zaazu. 
“The song is mine. And even if you want to feature on the list, it should be written as ‘Portable featuring Olamide X Pocolee or Portable featuring Pocolee X Olamide and not the other way round,'” Portable had alleged. 

Pocolee had written the names of the artist in the song as though he was the owner. He also uploaded the song on his streaming accounts, putting himself in a position to directly earn proceeds from the song, without the authorisation of the owner, Portable. 

Since he posted his apology, Olamide, Slim Case, Nkechi Blessing and other celebrities have urged promoter Kogbagidi to forgive the industry newbie. 

The track, Zaazu, in the past weeks have gained public momentum, especially due to the contributions of music legend, Olamide. 

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