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Kwara PDP Crisis: See Reasons Adewole PDP Expels Nureni Omoyooba, Suspends Others

The people's democratic party, PDP, Adewole ward of Ilorin West LG has expelled some members while others were suspended over  alleged anti party's activities. 

According to the party their expulsion and suspensions followed thorough investigations of a letter addressed to Ilorin West PDP chairman, Issa Abdulkadir, which recommended disciplinary actions against them by their respective ward's party organs.

Some of the members involved in the said unholy conducts include one Mr Nureni Omoyooba from Kuntu area , Yakubu Agodi of Agode area, Alao Hakeem of Adeta , Tunde Muhibudeen from Kuntu all of whom were summarily expelled from the party while others like Mr Musbau Agodi of Agodi, Tunde Odo from Kuntu, Tunde Khalifa, Alagbon Fatimoh and Moshood Elere from Oke are zone were suspended accordingly 

"The nine members after being tried at their respective ward levels were found guilty of gross Misconducts, crude and disparaging commentaries against the party especially on several Radio stations and disrespect to constituted authorities of the party among others offences."

"Ilorin West chairman of PDP, Issa Abdulkadir in his submission noted that the nine members were fairly tried and found culpable on series of anti party allegations leveled against them and as such are all deemed fit for disciplinary actions as enshrined in the party's constitution." 

"The party in a resolutoin therefore advised all concerned parties to stop parading themselves as party members lest they be faced with full wrath of law."

"The ward party structures has maintained its stance on allowing majority will to prevail throughout the party congresses which the disgruntled members were opposed to claiming they were party excos in the past dispensation and must be return even when the integrity of the party will be put in line."

"The refusal of the party authority to bend the rule for the few persons had led to several unwarranted assaults against the party and its leaders."


Recall Nureni Omoyooba and others in October staged a Protest where they were holding banners and placards while chanting “No to Saraki dominance” to protest against the attempt to recognize the factional congress of the Saraki group, ahead of the general party ward congress.

The group in a statement issued to reporters after its press conference, said it is distancing itself from the impunity which has become the norm in the Political family of the Saraki tendency, which it added, the party gave shelter for protection in 2019, of which the bitter wounds they still nurture.

“The attempts to turn the landlords to tenants in their own house is not only misdirected but to be resisted through all means permissible by the laws of our Party and those of the land,” the statement said.

The group in their statement also blamed the recent woes befalling the PDP in the State on the inordinate ambitions of a clique working against the interest of majority of the Party members across the 193 wards, stressing that the party cannot watch such people preside over another full blown electoral humiliation again.

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