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How Does The N2.7bn That Can't Pay LG Workers 18k Before 2019 Started Paying 30k To Larger Number Now? By Bisi Kristien

Question for defenders of the past governments.

Like Sigidi that want a show of shame is demanding for a bath in the water, some ignorant media undercover of PDP are asking for evidence of better governance in the present compare to the past.

This doesn’t need the leakage of account details from ministry of finance nor any deep social auditing because it is an open issue. It is an operation of the darkness which the light of the coming of Gov. AA just exposed.

We all know Kwara LG paid part of teachers salary and it is a first line charge. We also know local government have the highest number of junior staff that are below level six. Importantly, we were all told the allocation of the local government can’t pay all these salary before 2019 and Kwara LG needed to borrow.

If you will recall, in 2017 and after, the salary of LGs were centralized and only running costs got to our local governments. That one is N4.5m for most local government for years. All because allocation cannot pay that 18k minimum wage for workers of the LG.

Today, under Gov. AA administration; local government is paying 30k minimum wage and still releasing money for capital projects. Where were those money before 2019. Help us ask PDP defenders.

Let me remind you; the sunset worker that were sacked were only employed in January 2019 and Maigida only paid 800 among them before he left office. Kindly don’t come here to tell me it is because Gov. AA sacked some workers.

Also remember over 4700 were employed as a teacher increasing the teachers salary heavily. Local Government are with big number of junior staff which mean those who are receiving 18k before but are now receiving 30k are much in the Local Government. The burden of salary in local government increased by nothing less than 30% but the administration of Gov. AA still enable the Local Governments to get money to do projects after the payment of these increased salary.

So, PDP media undercover. Since you chose to be dancing naked in the market square, we will provide you with music to dance to your shame. Kindly come and tell Kwarans where the money been used now went to in the time of Maigida. 

I am not Solace or Ajaikaye. I was one of you that opted out because I will only become a propaganda tool like you if I chose to remain with you in your crusade against Gov. AA.

Don’t forget I became one of you data boys in September 2019 when Gov. AA is much in office but that is another story.

Just passing by now and saying ‘where did the past government directed the money Gov. AA is allowing to work in Kwara Local Governments now to before 2019.

Bisi Kristien 

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