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Can There Be Love Without Sex In A Relationship?

When it comes to having s€x, the intimacy has to do with merging your physical needs and body parts with the other partner whereas love making is more about connecting your minds and souls through the act of s€xual intercourse.

Personal definition of relationship has indeed taken many tolls based on personal motives and prospects. Both sides of the relationship faced get into relationship for many reasons or certain aims, some are goal driven. Some get into relationship for fun while some are dedicated into having a happily ever after, some are in it for other reasons and aims best known to them, but as usual money is always involved on both sides.

In terms of relationship, many see the first step as courtship before the main relationship, then getting engaged or marriage. Many see courting as a means of getting to know and understand each other deeply, so they take courting for as long as long can be, this has earned some ladies the title “lord of the rings”. While some other parties on the other hand are not even ready or dreaming of relationship anytime soon, reason being from facts of hear-says, experiences or peer groups and some other are prospect based.

The common pattern of relationship which about 90% of guys especially trail on is the “sexual” aspect of relationship; like seriously some guys feel like they’d literally die without sex for just a day max. This has made “love” on which the basis of relationship and a happy every after is built has different descriptions to people, theoretically and facts driven, the absence of love (true) in a relationship has led to many “never happy endings”.

The topic of this article typically directs it to the guys, based on points of views though. Some guys assume that a lady can only prophesy her true love to a guy when she allows him sexual contact or intimacy, one’s or sometimes anytime he requests, cajoling her with the fact that they are both after all going to be together forever, so why wait till forever before getting intimate. Some are funny enough that they lament on their spending, catering and presume something must give to something in return. Although some guys are that patient that they just want that true love, affection, trust and everything else soft.

For ladies on the other hand, no offense though, many ladies lately are acknowledged to only accept a guy’s proposal if and only if he is wealthy, rich or famous. But some ladies frown at this fact and claim not all ladies are like that or of similar mindset. Some ladies are set-out for revenge of being heartbroken by several guys and so go into false relationship with some other guys only to cash-swoop or waste their time and break hearts in return.

Alas, all these are based on perspective of this article.

So what would your prospect be? No sex means No love?

More research on this coming soon, stick to this page for more updates.

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