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Bolaji Abdullahi Interview Just Confirms Our Insinuation That Goodness, Progress Of Kwara Is Not What PDP See As Their Good Luck By Bisi Kristien

What brought woes of Kwara State in the past will be better understood when one study the recent interview of Bolaji Abdullahi’s with Midlandpost’s Newsmen (Gbolahan Balogun and Abu Abubakar). It revealed the fact that the major actors in the management of the affairs of the State for that 16 years were not working on how to improve the life of the people and worst; they believe Kwarans are majorly unlearn fellows who can’t differentiate between left and right. If not Bolaji Abdullahi won't say what he said.

To these people, Kwarans are poverty stricken people who just need puff puff and five hundred naira a week to survive. Hilariously, they believe that is only what Kwara sees as dividend of democracy. They must also believe it is every Kwaran that is among the PDP that are now missing the puff puff and five hundred naira weekly since it has stopped with the end of their government.

The hilarious headline of that interview that says ‘KWARA UNLUCKY TO HAVE ENDED WITH ABDULRAHMAN ABULRAZAQ’ is not what ordinarily brings the conclusion above but the content of the interview that defines the Bolaji Abdullahi's thinking on Kwara masses.

No one except PDP member will say that ‘Kwara is in a very difficult situation today’ not to even talk of saying he ‘doesn’t think at any point in the history of this state we have found ourselves in this kind of dilemma’. Everyone knows that people will question the sense of reasoning of anyone that said such. *People will however understand PDP members like Bolaji Abdullahi who are frustrated as they aggressively seek to paint Gov. AA black* that they have no option than to continue rolling out irrational propaganda to satisfy the gullibility of their few remnant members. 

Let us look at the problem Bolaji Abdullahi complained of before arriving at his conclusion and sees how hilariously ridiculous it sounds. He said that what they (Kwarans) were being promised was that there is going to be an improvement of what they‘ve had in the past. We however all know that there is a great improvement in Gov. AA performance than the past and that none improvement is not an issue here.

Not to sound as Bolaji Abdullahi too I will back the statement with fact. That Gov. AA is able to pay counterpart fund and secure grant that can do these much in education sector is an improvement on Gov. Ahmed failure to pay and secure same. The CBT based recruitment which eliminate people without English and mathematics with the test that disqualified all that could not score more than 50% before the interview is an improvement on the past method of recruitment which just assimilate the candidates of the influential people. The social auditing is an improvement in the effort to stop corruption in project handlings. The active and performing Local Governments that are better funded is a great improvement on the past running of local government where the elected council are taken less than N3m monthly just for overhead cost. These and many other are clear improvement that even a blind, deaf and dumb that can sense improvement will be sensing the improvement of this government on the past.

Probably because Bolaji Abdullahi was busy with other things in 2018 and not even aware of what was transpiring in Kwara; he would have known the promises made by those campaigning for APC were specific and non attainable. Those promises are the ones that efforts to meet them are yet to reach its height and not that the changes are not heavily felt.

Kwara knows the major issue in Kwara today is party crisis, not performance in government. The complaint in Kwara is about politician that felt left behind. It is because Bolaji Abdullahi didn't see other interests in Kwara than few political leaders interests. The pointer to those Bolaji Abdullahi sees as Kwara and whose interests matters only is the statement (‘for the people who championed the O to ge uprising, I think they have also learnt their own lessons because many of the people who were at the forefront of that movement are today looking back and asking themselves: is this what we worked for and fought for?’) that indicates satisfying few top politicians by giving them state money to share in the way of the past Government. Few people sitting on state wealth and using it for whatever favour their pocket must be the needed good governance in ABDULLAHI'S definition.

That Bolaji Abdullahi says ‘Today it is palpable that there is hardly any government in Kwara that we can speak of’ when a common Local Government Caretaker Chairman is commissioning a house erected by his government tells us how distance most PDP leaders are to reality.

If Bolaji is referring to a Minister or Chairman of federal body who are still active as ' IDPs- the Internal Displaced Politicians' as he put forward here; he can say a man eating turkey and pounded yam every night is starving.

Bolaji Abdullahi statement that says 'I don’t think the civil service has ever felt alienated the way they feel today, …' is a statement that tells us the mental state of most people eyeing post in PDP. How will a top member of a government that owned worker 14 months areas when they were paying 18k minimum wage come out today to say this about a government that has implemented 30K new minimum wages and hasn’t own the same civil servants a penny? Will somebody explain what is happening to the way these people are reasoning now?

You can’t understand the shamelessness of some politicians until you read this one. ‘but if you go to the heart of Ilorin, where I come from- I am from …., I see people who are younger to me, who are looking like my grandfather, because of the level of poverty that they experienced’. For a man who had been part of top officers in government for 16 years to be saying this because another person took over from him *for just two years is passing a message.* Are they not in position to improve this for good fifteen years? Bolaji Abdullahi himself confessed ‘I was once the spokesperson of that party’ but this shame person that actively involved in governing Nigeria or Kwara for 14 years and saw us to this stage wants us to blame a man that is trying to manage it for just 2 years for his people's poverty.

Sincerely, it isn’t worth it to respond to this interview of Bolaji Abdullahi if not for the fact that many people who are not from Kwara or who are faraway from home may read and think a statesman has talked. 

Truly, the rule of Gov. AA could be ‘an unmitigated disaster’ to PDP because from the look of things it seems goodness and progress of Kwara State are unlucky to Bolaji Abdullahi with his co PDP. Probably to them having their Leader pocketing the governor of Kwara State and sharing our money (as alleged by the said Internal Displaced Politicians Bolaji Abdullahi is now working with) is the good luck.

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Bisi Kristien 

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