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2023 General Elections: How The Past Hunt's Bukola Saraki And His Ilk By Abiodun Mohammed

One political science teacher sums it up succinctly: "Freedom in democracy is such that if you choose to move naked, it is up to you in democracy but if you ever dream of occupying any public office ,elected or appointed , you must guard your loins."

From United States of America to Britain, Germany to Canada, Nigeria to South Africa ,no matter how highly placed ,the law in a democracy ,catches up eventually with men and women of ignominy who betrayed public trust in office. 

Salisu Buhari, First Speaker of the House of the wake of the First Republic ,Farouk Lawan ,a famous law maker also in the House of Rep.

Governor Dariye of Plateau State and even former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma who now queues for food in a South African prison; these are all ready examples that easily come to mind.

No matter how politicians like Bukola try to manipulate and circumvent the law to cover their mismanagement of the commonwealth of our people in Kwara and indeed Nigeria , the law shall surely take its course against him and his likes.

Already ,people have become wiser hence whilst the wheels of legal justice was grinding slowly, the people of Kwara metted instance justice to Bukola at the polls by a crushing landslide Otoge victory. The reason Bukola and his inherited dynasty were historically humiliated and sent to the dustbin of history by the mass movement known as Otoge revolution which displaced the Saraki's dynasty in Kwara politics in the 2019 general elections was curruption and mismanagement of public office.

Suffice to know that while Bukola still answers to EFCC charges in court on several cases of wanton looting of Kwara commonwealth, the recent take over of former Governor Fatai Ahmed's property by AMCON on the order of a Court of competent jurisdiction clearly shows to the World, that never again shall the likes of Bukola be trusted with any public position in Nigeria.

Bukola's blatant acts of corruption led to the bankruptcy of both Society General bank and Trade Bank , both still fresh in the memory of citizens of Kwara State and Nigeria as a whole.

The APC is undoubtedly the most dominant ruling party in all States of the North Central Nigeria except Benue State which has a PDP state Government.

This informs the influence of David Mark,former Senate President and Ortom the State Governor ,collaborating with former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and his trusted allies in the PDP to install Iyorchia Ayu as the current national Chairman of PDP. 

The outright defeat of Bukola through this conspiracy has sunk all possibilities or pretences of Bukola to emerge as a serious PDP Presidential candidate. The futility of his ambition reminds one of his woeful record in the recent general elections in Kwara. How can a zone adopt a presidential candidate that doesn’t control a single seat in the states Assembly or National Assembly, nor does he have a single Councillor in any Local Govt Council in Kwara.!! 

How then can anybody be fooled by the obvious fake and hilarious news of a North Central adoption of Bukola as its Presidential nominee ; mere beer parlour gist !

Even when he was Senate President and no 3 citizen and his cronies cornering resources of Kwara State for the same goal ,could we have forgotten his humiliating 317 votes at the then Port Harcourt PDP national convention? 

Saraki's con men were recently in Benue to sell the dummy of a consensus option to the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party.
In their hysteria however,they went above board to disparage President Mohammadu Buhari's administration as the worst since independence.

How can a man still facing the EFCC prosecution and interrogations for looting Kwara resources think Nigerians will open their eyes to see him repeat same on their National Treasury? 
The Infrastructure, Civil Service, Education and health sectors collapsed under his watch as the governor and leader of the dynasty for sixteen years in Kwara State.

Public treasury became a slush fund for this man who is aspiring to become President of Nigeria ; a politician who defied all norms ,traditions and values to humiliate and dethrone his father. Thank God for the O to ge revolution in the 2015 General elections.

We cannot forget the damage caused by International Partners and donors leaving the state for Bukola’s reneging on promise to pay counterpart fundings for health care and education.

Major companies left the State for lack of conducive environment for their businesses.

Civil servants and teachers were owed salaries for several months at a time ; what happened to the Kwara State huge share of money from Paris Club debt forgiveness and increased federal Allocation as result of the increase in the price of crude oil in the international market   
 Nigeria certainly does not deserve a man like this as the next President.He has been rejected in Kwara courtesy of the O to ge revolution.
Dear fellow Nigerians ,please beware of 419 politicians.

Kwarans have spoken by our verdict of 2019 generals elections which in totality rejected and put into dustbin of history any thing in the name of Bukola Saraki in Nigeria politics.

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