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UNILORIN Lecturer Beaten To Coma By Student Narrates Her Ordeal

Dr. Rahmat Zakariya, a lecturer at the Department of Microbiology, the University of Ilorin, who was beaten to coma by Salaudeen Waliu Aanuoluwa, a 400-level Microbiology student, following alleged disagreement over SIWES (Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme) programme, has narrated her side of the story.

Dr. Zakariya, who is also the SIWES Coordinator, denied reports that she threw a mug at the student.

She noted that the now expelled student barged into her office and alleged she sent people to kill him.

She said;

I was surprised that Waliyullah Salaudeen claimed I threw a mug at him. This was someone who barged into my office and said I sent an assassin to kill him. Salaudeen was raking and banging on my table and also throwing punch at me, she said.

It is not true that I am his Level Adviser or Supervisor. I am just a lecturer at the Department and also the SIWES Coordinator.

He told me that he did not complete his SIWES programmed, and he gave me the reason that he was sick. I asked him to get his medical report to prove he was truly sick, and he should take it to where he did his SIWES. If luck shines on him, they may have compassion on him. If he were diligent during his one-month stay, he would be endorsed on his logbook. He left and did not show up again.

When we met again, he was unable to provide the medical report. Two days later I met with his Level Adviser, and I said he had to re-register SIWES. The level adviser only smiled as I was giving him the way around, Rahama added.

The lecturer said he told him to register the programme where we can monitor him at the Medical Research Laboratory close to the department as he will be doing his project. This was about six months ago.

The day of the incident, he barged into my office with a courteous smile on his face, addressing me by my name, Zakariya, and asking why I sent an assassin named Azeez to kill him and that I am after his life. Salaudeen was asking me in Yoruba.

I felt there was mixed up somewhere and started pleading with him to calm down. Instead, he started banging on my table, asking what I do to him, swearing and using derogatory words.

He moved closer to my chair and started punching me,, and by that I started screaming for help. Two of my students who are both females came pleading to leave me alone but threatened to kill them if they moved any inch closer.

I ran to my colleagues office, but none was around, so had to go to the general lab where he chased me also. Salaudeen later caught up with me after I left the laboratory. I was already on the ground that he started punching me again, she said. He left me to my fate when he saw that I was already in coma.

Some people came to my rescue. He was walking majestically and later chased him until he was caught.

Since the incident, it has not been easy maintaining the person I was, but I will try my best not to deviate.

I offer help and also solicit for my students, Dr. Zakariya said.

She was awarded the best Level Adviser in the Faculty in 2018.

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