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"She's Too Tall For Me, I Can't Marry Her" - What Is Your Spouse Spec?

What is your spec of spouse?

It I obvious that when it comes to relationship matters, the major consideration on the mind of many is if their spouse or partner actually match up to their desire or certain specifications they desire, and as it is in men, so is it in women. Besides its just rational that everyone one has certain things that they desire or interested in.

From first onset and though still somewhat predominant, many men often disliked or had more disregard for fat women/ladies, they are of the opinion that such ladies are often out of shape (no offense) and hence less attractive, besides note and quote “there is obvious differentiation between being fat and busty”, these terms many men have confused for the other. Let me elaborate; a fat person/lady is one carrying more fat than usual on their body, while busty is when a lady is fully loaded front and/or back (you know what I mean nah). So perhaps since the clarification on these words, many men have started opting for ladies in such caliber and even lately some men are starting to prefer fat ladies, reasons best known to them.

Women also have specs, I think the most I’ve met always wanted a tall guy, beard gang, funny, prince charming (na every woman want that one) and as bitter as it may sound, let’s agree to disagree, 90% of ladies want a ready-made guy, they want to suffer-suffer. Some guys too are somewhat like that; only want to date or marry a girl from a wealthy home who village girl/cultured girl help ehn?

Is having a spec of choice irrational? Well that’s going to be based on perspective, but from my point of view, for a person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with, it is rationally advisable to be detailed in deriving satisfaction of all your desire, blood group/genotype, family background, health history, complexion, character, height, etc. As a backup to the point, even religions have specifications made available for selection when choosing a spouse, because marriage is a lifetime commitment.

So recently I was in discussion with a male friend of mine, he’s about 30 years of age, a graduate of law, working-class, being heartbroken from a 5 year old relationship and he’s quite of not too tall height and not a dwarf either. He is just getting over the 5 year old heartbreak when he came across a somewhat God-sent lady who expressed her feeling and love towards him. He commended that he was impressed at her character, charisma, fact that she’s well cultured and trained, basically she is everything a man could desire but he complained of the fact that she was taller (a bit far) than him and as such he simply codedly declined her approach.

Me sef I get my specs but my talk is for another article. What would you suggest this my friend do? 

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