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Reason Why About 90% Of Ladies Prefer To Learn Tailoring/Fashion Design

This is Nigeria, yes it is. Are you there? Because if you sleep on it, o pa ri ooo. So wetin I carry come be say Johnbull wey una send go school wey no fit spell im name, na hunger go kill am ooo, so na why e be say lately most youths don dey wise up, if school no work, to learn work go work because man must chop.

So the thing is this, we are all aware of the economic situation of the country, lol; even the blind, deaf and dumb are aware of it, plus lately “school na scam” is now an ageing anthem reason been that everyone has already adapted to this fallacy turn reality. From one of the lyrical lines of an upcoming hip-hop artist, he said: “….imagine a first class graduate from a reputable university, has become the Johnbull, all in the name of job disability…”, as hilarious as these lines may seem, it’s quite bitter to see that it’s actually a fact. Many graduates and even more to come keep remaining unemployed as the rate of unemployment keeps increasing yearly or even monthly in some cases.

Every man for himself is the new system, On Your Own (O.Y.O) is the code and the incessant rise in unemployment is quite unbearable, coupled with the fact that the country still remains “underdeveloped” since 1960 of her independence (Giant of Africa ehn!). This has made many resolve to the path of apprenticeship; entrepreneurship and even some institution have shamefully employed this strategy too. Entrepreneurship is now the new means of livelihood, empowerment and earning for most individuals in the country, I speak for the set of people who are indeed legit and versatile entrepreneurs.

Looking at the bright side, a man is categorically the head of the family and as such mandated the right to fend and cater for the family, but there goes the saying again: “ what a man can do, a woman can do more and even better”. So some women have taken up to this challenge and rise above it, as most of them now indulge in assisting either themselves financially or those assisting in taking care of the family. Many women involve mostly in the business of trade but aside that where you find women most anting in business is in the line of fashion designing and tailoring; besides it is known of women to be more of fashionists.

That brings us as to why many women prefer to opt for the business of fashion design and tailoring. Based on perspective as I would always say, the following are likeable reasons as to why:

1. Obviously women are known to slay more and more often than men, hence the feel and drive to want to dwell in such business with assurance of higher income regardless the stress that comes with this business;

2. Theoretically nd based on evidences, the woman population is about 2 times that of men, hence abundance in availability of women related items and wants would definitely result in fast growth of business and high income;

3. In some sense, women tend to spend more on their clothing’s first than any other thing and as well looking at the vast growth of thrift sales lately is on the high rise.

With these few points of mine, I hope I've being able to convince you as to why most women of this era opt for the alternyof fashion design or tailoring as a business and as entrepreneurs.
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