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PDP Mass Defection To APC In Ibagun: A Celebration Of Gov AbdulRazaqs Agenda For Community Development, Gender, Youth Inclusiveness And Social Safety Net For The Masses

The Kwara PDP is yet to recover from its woeful defeat in the 2019 elections as a result of the Otoge political tsunami which liberated the innocent masses and electorate in the State from a most corrupt PDP Administration. The PDP lost every electoral seat from the state Assembly to the National Assembly and the Governorship to the APC led by Gov AbdulRazaq.

This emancipation from the 16 years ' selfish ,wicked ,visionless and corrupt leadership culture of PDP will for ever remain irreversible in Kwara.

Historians have done and are still continuing doing justice in the documentation for posterity of loss of the incredible opportunities for Kwara under the inept mal administration of Bukola' s leadership . 

Driven by much cherished culture of selflessness ,patriotism ,a proud family legacy of exemplary leadership ,global best practices ,etiquette and clear vision and commitment to guarantee the brightest future for citizens of Kwara State, Governor AbdulRazaq's Administration, within 2 years , has “shined the eyes" of the innocent masses to the benefits of good governance . This revelation was achieved through his consistent delivery of dividends of democracy such as road infrastructures , water ,quality education and health care ,prompt payment of salaries for all civil servants both at the State and local government levels as well as youths' ,women and enterprenural empowerment in all parts of the State .Permit me to take an exemplary case of Ibagun ward , which remarkable experience is replicated throughout the 193 wards of Kwara State. 

The Ibagun ward community of Okelele ,in Ilorin East LG, has witnessed un- precedented priority attention under exemplary leadership of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq since his assumption of office . This is evident in many developmental projects:

This road connects Ibagun Community with the Specialist hospital with all the facilities to give the residents quality health services.

Inspite of previous Military government 's huge investments in the hospital as one of the best in West Africa Sub- region ,I6 years of PDP in the State gave no priority to the hospital.

Worst of all ,no meaningful attention was paid to the road linking the community with the hospital.

Incidentally, the first construction of the bridge linking the hospital was facilitated by the current Special Adviser to Governor AbdulRahaman, Alhaji Saadu Salahu during the tenure of late General AbdulKareem Adisa as Minister of Works and Housing in the early 90s.

After about 15 years of the bridge's sturdiness, it collapsed, but the PDP repair of the bridge did not last more than a year as their corrupt forces made away with 80 % of the funds meant for the bridge repair. The unfortunate contractor had to make do with only 20% with all it's dire consequences for the safety of the road users !
Before Governor AA came in ,residents in the area had been relocating else where for failure of the PDP to construct the road.

Governor AbdulRahaman, shortly after assumption of office , gave the road the utmost priority attention, rebuilding it with asphalt and remodelled the bridge to give it a befitting outlook.

Thousands of resident of the area under Ibagun ward, who had relocated elsewhere from Aiyegbami ,Aiyegbami Arin ,Aiyegbami Isale ,Alagbado and Fagba area have now returned to their homes and market stores.

The property value has consequently increased to the advantage of property and shop owners.

(2) Sobi Waterworks;
Governor AbdulRahaman has also spent fortune on Sobi water works thus restoring water supply not only to the people of the same Ibagun but the Ilorin metropolis at large.

(3) Dada Road Network;
Dada is a famous ancient community under Ibagun.
This is the area where the makers of the age long famous Dada pottery reside .
The community has never had tarred roads. Now, Governor AbdulRahaman has built a tarred road for the first time in history of the community.

(4) Remodeling of Kankatu Market;
Recently ,the most famous ancient community market in Ibagun, Kankatu market was destroyed by a heavy tropical storm.

Promptly ,Governor AbdulRahaman AbdukRazaq ,responding to an appeal by the Alangua of Ibagun ,Mallam Zakariyahu AbdulMalik Iyanda directed the Ilorin East TIC Chairperson ,a dynamic woman politician , Hajia Ramat Ayobami Seriki to fix it immediately.

In less than 2 weeks, the market was completely remodelled and the traders are today excited that their newly remodeled market is now attracting double the usual number of customers 

(5) Employment opportunities;
During the recently concluded employment opportunities ,over 30 indigenes of Ibagun ward got gainfully employed in the teaching appointments by SUBEB and TESCOM .
The lucky youths and thousands of their friends ,families and dependents remain grateful to the AbdulRazaq Administration for the opportunity 

(6) Ongoing Remodeling of GDSS Amule;
As part of the efforts of His Excellency, Gov Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to ensure that children in the State are given quality education to guarantee a brighter tomorrow for the youths, and the community is grateful to the Governor for the due process of recruiting quality teachers and for embarking on the complete remodeling of the Junior Secondary School Amule,in Okelele ,Ibagun. 

The remodelling turned the school to one of the best in the country . The state wide remodeling of schools is a record first time in the history of Secondary School building in Kwara State .

(7) Restoration of Dignity of Kwara State Civil Servants;
All civil servants and pensioners under State and local governments in Ibagun, including teachers and their families, who are among the leading intellectuals and opinion moulders in the ward can never forget the trauma they went through during the PDP years which inflicted inhuman ,wicked and un- justifiable trauma on them as they were deprived of salaries and promotion for years !

Today ,all these civil servants and teachers in both State and local governments ,including pensioners and their families have their human dignity fully restored with prompt payment of salaries, pension and gratuity as at when due without having to lobby or bribe .

Hundreds of senior citizens qualified for this un- precedented social investment program have been captured in all the 9 zones in Ibagun and are happy beneficiaries offering prayers for success of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq's Administration .

(9) OWO ISOWO (Trader-money);
Currently, hundreds of residents of Ibagun Community have benefited from this Owo Isowo in all the 9 zones in the ward with positive impact on their families.

(10) Ondoko Market;
Ondoko Market is a community driven project ,initiated over 3 decades ago by our late father ,mentor and role model ,late Councillor Ajape Jamangada . It is however noteworthy that the project was implemented and came into fruition in the early 90's during the tenure of the current Special Adviser to the Governor on Strategy ,Saadu Salahu when he was the Supervisory Councillor for works ,land and housing and Chairman, Local Government Land Allocation Committee in Ilorin East Local Government.

Proud legacy projects of Alhaji Salahu during his tenure include several other big markets such as popular Oko Olowo market ,Tanke Tippers' garage market 1&2 ,Fate Market opposite the State Ministry of Health and of course ,Ondoko Market.

Salahu's vision and initiative which also led to the establishment of the 1st filling Station in Ibagun on this same Ibagun - Sobi Specialist Road transformed the area to a bustling commercial Centre providing jobs for many residents of the area and comfort for their families.

As it is widely acknowledged, SA strategy, Alh. Sa'adu Salahu is a man of Honour with a good track record whose contributions to human capital development in Ibagun and Kwara state at large is widely appreciated both before and during the current administration of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. No wonder people in their thousands continue to give unwavering and untainted loyalty to Alh. Saadu Salahu . He is a man who completely dissociates himself from dirty politics ,blackmail and violence in Ibagun and environs .

(11) Swift Response to the Victims of Rainstorm;
During the rainstorm saga which rendered many residents of Ilorin homeless including Ibagun ,thousands of residents in Ibagun received timely and prompt relief from Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq 's government.

This is unlike the past PDP Administration with zero record of such relief for residents of Ibagun Community .

The residents of Ibagun Community as thousands of people benefitted from government relief on Covid 19 pandemic and are most grateful for the palliatives efficient and impactful delivery.

(13) Political Appointments.
Residents of Ibagun Community will forever remain grateful to Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq for the unprecedented number of indigenes of the community holding political appointments under the current Kwara State Administration. 

They include :

Alhaji Saadu Salahu, Special Adviser, Strategy to the Governor .

Muyideen Aliyu 
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Security, 

Qawiyu Gani Cook Olododo who is the son of Hon.Gani Cook Olododo of the House of Rep.
Qawiyu Olododo is the Technical Assistant to the Governor on agriculture.

Kamaldeen Olesin, a board member of the Kwara State Signage Agency.

It is important to emphasize that the new political culture in Ibagun ,adopted by all leaders ,Excos ,youths, women, elders and all stakeholders condemn the brigandage of yesteryears in Ibagun politics.

The youths in APC and all stakeholders in Ibagun have resolved close to 2 years ago to operate under a central platform ,devoid of any primordial tendencies. The Platform is fullly loyal to our father, leader, role model and mentor, Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq as our proud preferred national political leader in Kwara State.

This Central forum takes unanimous decisions on all political matters in Ibagun with the full support of SA, Strategy as a father and a role model, unlike the era of PDP where decisions were forced on throat of party stakeholders.

Like our new ward party Excos and other elections ,we proud members of APC and stakeholders in Ibagun, collectively elected our nominee for the State APC woman leader, Hajia Falilat Ronke Muhammed Odegbangba, a famous prominent woman politician ,following the benevolence of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq as our proud national party leader to zone it to Ibagun ward. 

It is therefore important to stress here that the event of the declaration and decamping of thousands of PDP women in Ibagun is informed by the exemplary track record of Governor AbdukRahaman AbdulRazaq's unprecedented scorecard in favour of Ibagun Community with greater prospect for more dividends of Democracy.

It is equally instructive to note that unlike many of the age long shenanigan politicians, what attracts youths ,elders and women to Alhaji Saadu Salahu, SA, Strategy to the Governor in Ibagun in particular and the State as a whole is his avowed commitment to selfless community service devoid of any political ambition.

He has always impressed upon us his eternal gratitude to Allah for a meritorious and untainted record of service of 35 years at State, local and Federal levels , ending in graceful retirement.

He never for once, failed to impress upon us that his conviction and rare insights on patriotism, selflessness, vision, proud family legacy and commitment of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq to lay a solid foundation for the brightest future of the younger generation inspired and informed his gratitude for the rare opportunity he currently has to be part of such a proud Kwara under Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq.

For the sake of emphasis ,Salahu has no need what so ever to compete for popularity in Ibagun ,Ilorin and indeed Kwara State given his enviable track record as a famous broadcast journalist ,acknowledged 1st class public relations practitioner of repute and a seasoned human resource manager.

Today, given the global acknowledgement of Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq as the best Governor ever to have record breaking achievements in gender and youths inclusiveness, transparency, due process and good governance as well as evidence-based dividends of democracy, Governor AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq has proudly restored Kwara State in global map with the highest pride for posterity.

Those suffering from hallucination and disorienting psychic injuries of the political tsunami brought about by the 2019 Otoge revolution need a fresh check up to know how terminal is their political illness and rather brave up for better palliative management .

Therefore, all well meaning Kwarans that are after the progress of the state, after seeing what the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led APC government in Kwara State has achieved in less than 3 years as compared with the 16 years of the past administration, are urged to join the moving train to the next level.

Below are Names of some of the decampees, just to mention a few ; being the treasons PDP are having sleepless night:

The wife of the former L.O to former Gov. Abdulfatai Ahmed, Mrs Sulaiman Rasheedat from Sebura Zone

The wife of the former Ibagun ward PDP youth leader. Mrs Shakirat Ayinla -Jagun Zone

Wife of the Ibagun PDP's strong frontier. Sebura Zone, Mrs Balikis Babatunde

Abdulrauf Balikis - PDP Woman leader and association of women from Jagun Zone where big PDP chieftains like Alh. Bibire Ajape and Alhaja Limota Ibrahim came from.

A well known and ardent follower of Barr. Akorede, former commissioner of water resources , Mr Soliu Nafiu and women in his camp

Another big blow to PDP that gives them sleepless night is the decamping of Mr. Sulaiman Baraje and women in his camp to APC. 

Also, a well-known PDP prominent member Isiaq Gobir from Asileke Zone and his wife with women in his group.

In addition, Mr Abiola Ajape , a well respected member of PDP equally decamped to APC from Asileke Zone and all women in his camp. 

Public may wish to note that no where in Ibagun has any APC member decamped to PDP.

In conclusion, the above snap shot of the developmental strides of Gov Abdulrahman AbdulRazaqs APC Administration in Ibagun Ward is replicated in all the 193 wards of Kwara State . This community based developmental model is the key the heart of the masses. Little wonder that the APC in Kwara is now witnessing massive defections from PDP. Welcome to the new Kwara of hope , harmony and happiness. 

Mall. Adebayo Abdulrauf Adanla
Ibagun APC Ward Chairman.

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