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No Vaccine, No Job - Federal Government Declares

The rampant spread and struggle against the Covid-19 virus has being indeed of great threshold and which has finally come to a success. Hence, the Federal Government has indulged all citizens in each state to vaccinate their indegenes, as each state has been fully supplied and mobilized with Covid-19 vaccines.

As many have being to nearby and accredited centres to take the first and second phase of the vaccination, most states still have records of many indegenes who are yet to receive the vaccination, many are of the reason based on fallacy of the side effects and rumors about the defective symptoms of the vaccine.

But in the midst of all these, the Federal government has now declared an ultimatum till December 15, 2021 with condition specifically for civil servants who are yet to get vaccinated, to get vaccinated or be deprived entry into any official organization.

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