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N-Power Beneficiary Laments on Being Extorted At PPA

Everything in life is obviously quite unbalanced, as we have scenarios and situations of positive and negative. Such was the case of a Batch C Stream 1 beneficiary of the N-Power scheme, specifically N-teach.

Amidst the fact that as Nigerians, it's typical of us to always want to find ways to boycott things on a long run, acclamatized with the fact that nothing good comes easy, many have succumbed to taking first hands in seeking shortcuts to nearly everything they do by paying) bribing their way to it.

Arguably not everyone falls in this category but let he who is with no sin cast the first stone is the situation of this beneficiary that took to her social media page on alleged claims that the principal of her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) had asked her to be remitting the sum of #5,000 of her monthly stipend just so she could skip work anytime of her convinient and if she declined the principal threatened to report her to the N-Power authorities for a day she misses not reporting to work.

Reports based on her post has it that she spends at least #1,500 to & fro her PPA and she had reasoned with the principal if she could come 2ce in a week, but the principal declined and hence proposed the offer of her remitting certain amount of her monthly stipends.

Lost in thought and disturbed, this was the situation the beneficiary has found herself in and sought out advice on what to do.

Nonetheless, based on my Nigerian prospects, I am quite certain some would on no second thought opt for this as an opportunity, where even some reports have it that at some locations some beneficiaries are billed more than this.

What is your prospective on this?

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