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“I Wish To Be Emancipated” – Will Smith's Son; Jaden Smith Requests

The 53-year-old Bad Boys actor and one of Hollywood’s top film makers and actors has shared this heartbreaking news of his 23-year-old youngest son, Jaden Smith requesting to be emancipated. Will Smith shared that Jaden made this request after their collaboration in the 2013 movie; After Earth which he described as ‘a box office failure’ and ‘worse was that Jaden took the hit’, as he had diligently did everything I instructed him to do and I had coached him into the worst public mauling he’d ever experience’, he further added.

He had made a flashback to this as he has decided to share his life story and journey in his upcoming memoir titled “Will” which is set for release soon, where he talks about his regrets as a father and lessons he has learnt so far from it.

Fingers crossed, I know many would want an elaboration of what “emancipation” means and the-how, but don’t think too much because I don’t think it is anyway applicable or possible in Nigeria.

Emancipation in the context of law in the United Kingdom and United States, refers to the legal process in which a minor (someone classified by law as a child) gains freedom of being controlled by their parents or guardians, and the parents or guardians are likewise freed from the child’s responsibilities.

Upon becoming an emancipated minor, a child will be granted full authority and legal ownership of their property and bank accounts, gain legal capacity to enter into binding contracts or even getting married. Note that becoming emancipated does not mean that such minor has become an adult, as a minor under the age of 18 would still not be accessed to buy alcohol.

How you see am na, say make we inculcate emancipation for Naija?

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