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Claims Of Negligence At Centre Igboro Children's Hospital Wicked -Mgt

The Kwara State Hospital Management Board has seen viral posts on social media regarding the case of a little boy that was brought to Children’s Hospital Centre Igboro, Ilorin. All the claims made in the said posts are false, reckless, inciting, and unGodly. 
As a public institution charged with looking after the health of citizens, the loss of any patient is treated with huge dose of sadness. We are sadder that the patient under reference was a little boy. Our heartfelt condolences go to the family. It is one death too many.
Having said this, we reject in strong terms some reckless posts and assertions by some persons who alleged that the child was not attended to. This is a lie. The said child was brought in at about 7p.m. on Tuesday. He was duly examined by one of the doctors on duty. The patient was stable and showed no signs that warranted admission or hospital bed space. Tests were prescribed to ascertain what the issues were. Drugs and injections were then prescribed upon receipt of the results from the lab. The mother of the child, who said she had no money at the point, went home and returned with the drugs/injection bought from outside. Same were administered on the child at around 11p.m. by a nurse on night duty. This gives the lie to the outrageous claims that the child was abandoned. 

The child was due for another injection at 11 a.m., Wednesday November 24. However, the mother of the child came at 6:30 a.m. with the child. The nurse ushered her to a doctor’s office where the doctor discovered that the child was brought in dead. We sincerely share in the grief of losing this precious child. 
But we are equally alarmed and disappointed that the mother and father of the deceased child assaulted the nurse and hospital attendants who our findings show did nothing unprofessional to them or their child. Such extreme reactions, whilst understandable in moments of grief, are frowned at because health workers are human beings who also have loved ones. We appeal to members of the public to always exercise restraints and avoid unlawful actions, even as we do our best to deliver top-quality healthcare to the people. 
The hospital management board profusely apologises to the association of nurses who found the behaviour of the parents of the child unlawful and provocative, especially because such hostile actions are becoming rampant, thereby putting the lives of health workers at risk. 
The death of the little child was indeed a tragic incident, and we share in the pain of the parents. However, we totally reject the reckless posts by some persons who sought to make a political capital out of the grief of the parents of the child and their family. It is an indecent behaviour and we hope they would desist from such devilish behaviour in the future.

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