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UPDATES: How Olayiwola Abubakar, Ilorin-Born, Serial Fraudster Who Is Based In Dubai Swindled Nigerians (Part 2)

Few weeks after KWARAREPORTERS NEWS published the fraudulent activities of a serial Fraudster, Olayiwola Abubakar Mohammed (Danmairomu), another two victims of the Ilorin-born scammer have spoken up.

One of these victims simply identified as Kofo (not real name), said Olayiwola under false pretenses fraudulently obtained N480k (Four hundred and eighty thousand naira) and 300aeds (Three hundred United Arab Emirates Dirham = Equivalent to N33,716 from her.

"I met Olayiwola through someone I take as a brother in Dubai because I was also a Dubai based before I relocated back to Nigeria late last year for personal reasons. At first, I don't know Olayiwola; but my brother introduced him to me that he is one of his friends and that he (Olayiwola) is in need of N20k (Twenty thousand naira) assistance that he (Olayiwola) needed to send the money to Nigeria for the treatment of his daughter. Normally I loan People money and I get interest on it apart from Fabric business I do when I was in Dubai, so I sent the money to him since it was a matter of life and death (emergency) as he had also claimed that his wife has frozen his Nigeria Bank Account due to his reckless spending.

"A week later, my brother chatted me up that Olayiwola said he wanted to have my contact so for him to appreciate me for the N20k assistance I rendered to him and I said he should give him my number. Few days later, he told my brother that he liked me and that he wanted us to be dating. I instantly declined the request because of my past experience with a Dubai based guy, and I said to him that we can only be friends. This didn't go down well with him. So after a while, he started chatting me and showing fake caring and fake promises like when he (Olayiwola) get to Nigeria, he will give me N10M (Ten Million naira) to add to my business capital and that he has Farmland and other business he do in Nigeria, then I begin to suspect him that he is up to something."

"One afternoon I tried to called my brother and his number was not going through so I had to call Olayiwola since I have his number, then he said my brother has a deal with some people and that those people has kidnapped him and seized his phone and that if he didn't pay them he will be killed. So I was troubled and I pleaded with Olayiwola to go and help me settle with those guys and he agreed to and promised to get back to me on whatever they resolved at. And 2 hours later he said those people are asking for 300k (Three hundred thousand naira). Then I placed a call to some of my relatives and friends to raise the money. And I ended up sending the 300k, while Olayiwola still called for extra 100k and 60k and also AED300 which I asked my agent to send to him in Dubai. Some days after, my brother called me and I was relieved and I narrated how I raised money for his released and which he said he did owe people money that truly he had issues with some people while his phones were seized and that when he settled with them they allowed him to go and that Olayiwola did not even raise a penny for his release then I know we are in one chance." She concluded.

Receipts obtained from his Victim

Another female victim who also opened up to KWARAREPORTERS NEWS official Facebook page narrated how Olayiwola defrauded her and her friend of about 200k (Two hundred thousand naira) which the money was said to have been sent to Olayiwola to help them procure Jalabiya (Muslim wears) at cheaper rate in large quantity in Dubai.

She wrote; "Very foolish guy. He collected close to 200k from me and my friend, Ololade xxxxx to help us buy jalabiya at a cheaper rate for sale in Dubai"

When we contacted her privately, she further said, "You know we all graduated from the same school KWASU, and back then, Olayiwola was a very calm and gentle guy, so we feel he is the same guy we used to know, but the reverse is the case. Sometimes around July this year, he chatted my friend up and he said he can help my friend to buy clothes at cheaper rates in Dubai and send them down to Nigeria since he knows she sells clothes. And that's how it all started. At first, he sent us some samples of Jalabiya and we selected those we wanted, while he said we would get our goods in a week's time and we sent him 200k. After a week, we didn't hear from him. We had to keep disturbing him, pleading before he eventually paid back our money in August. Though it wasn't easy but with a lot of pleading and serious quarreling, he paid.

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