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Baby Mama: The New Relationship Trend And Wedlock Alternative

The word “Baby Mama” I am sure is not news to any citizen of Nigeria as far as I can tell. This somewhat seem like something inappropriate from my own perspective though, but it has seem to be a norm amidst many and in fact a more preferred practice, as having a baby mama is now more preferred over getting a real wife, some men even go as far as having baby mamas (plural). As in ehn……..

Citing examples would be a long list as we are all aware of many famous faces that are in such practice, hhhmmmm, do we imbibe “baby mama relationship” as a new practice? Because I have seen, heard and met few young guys that are looking forward to it. But on a more contrary hypothesis, a baby mama situation often result or arises from certain points, certain reasons or based on a mutual agreement between the two parties involved, i.e. man and woman. Dictionary has it that: “baby mama means a mother of child in common, particularly unmarried”. How strange that most men that get to have baby mama are either famous, rich or successful individuals, so in short “baby mama no be for poor man ooo”.

Perhaps on a deep thought, most men prefer to have baby mama or baby mamas just so to avoid wedlock and marital issues based on their personal reasons. Anyways, in basic perspective, I have highlighted some reasons as to why baby mama relationships have quite become an alternative:

1. A girlfriend that’s being in long term relationship with her lover and they both have the affection for each other but perhaps the man is a flirt and hence might suggest the girlfriend becomes his baby mama so they could still continue to keep their affection and ties in result of the kids they might have together but just at that;

2. The man/boyfriend could be faced with perhaps financial situations and can’t keep up with having or setting up a family or even has no intention to, but based on the fact that he might be in true love with his lady/girlfriend and so they can keep the bond, a girlfriend could then be upgraded to the position of baby mama and as such, he won’t be having trouble all the way with catering for needs;

3. The issue of baby mama could also arise based on agreement between both parties on certain conclusion(s), in some cases a situation of a surrogate mother also results in baby mama issue;

4. Funny as it may sound, some ladies even solely agree to being baby mama’s without involving any condition or even affection for the man, they just care about the money and spending galore they’d be in; Not all ladies like money is a fallacy;

5. Let me leave this for someone to comment on……….

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