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By Bisi Kristien

Kwarans Know More On The Rest Than The Governor Or KAIV 

My people will say ‘kaiii, kai kai ... o seee!’ We can't speak .... but we still have to speak because silence may be mistaken by the perpetuators of these deceits that everyone is being fooled. Majority aren’t fooled sirs.

No one suppose to have taken the attack of a Rebranded Individual Owned Political Association (from Aanigba or PDP) like Kwara Integrity Vanguard (KAIV) on Gov. AA serious anymore. Most of the members are known old members of LAMCO, Sarakite, Lomites etc. That they are now manifesting in NGOs or Civil Groups or becoming Activists should only tell us they are Undercovers Campaign Organization on the mission of bringing Gov. AA down.

One will however expect KAIV as a group interested in making known the truths to talk on the claim whether Alh. Lai took the monies mentioned by the Governor in that interviews or not if they want to play neat because that is the only thing that need clarification. The other stories tells on Alh. Lai Muhammed are not hidden from Kwarans and Kwarans are the one to confirm or debunk other allegations without been told.

Ordinarily, no cultured Yoruba person will reduce himself to the extent of saying a man of no societal rated statuses that occupy a space of rulership (not to talk of his or her state GOVERNOR) cannot comprehend himself well..... Not only that such is an insult on the Governor but it is an ex-ray of the inner contents of those that gathered to pen such. KAIV in their comical Press Release want us to believe Gov. AA can’t write to put down that great expositions in interview but in their blind rush to discredit forgot to apply logical reasoning. Someone need to tell KAIV that people have witnessed Gov. AA live interview in many cases and don’t need their description of the Governor’s competence in response to questions in interviews. They probably forgot that people speak in interview and it is the Pressmen that transcribe the words; so, ordinarily Gov. AA will not write down interview himself because he was not interviewed through text messages.

Gov. AA Press Release says. ‘... Lai goes to Lagos. That’s his home. That’s where his son is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly. That’s where his family is. He has no house here. He doesn’t come here. As our minister, he doesn’t come home. Same with Gbemi Saraki...’ Does this statement claim or interprete that Alhaji doesn’t erect structures in kwara? And the statement is not referring to Alh. Lai alone but Gbemi Saraki too. That Alh. Lai Muhammed is a Lagos based Politician is not a new statement in Kwara and they therefore need to debunk all issues raised if they want to engage the governor but not picking a single paragraph (been used to campaign against Alh Lai Muhammed from time immemorial) from that 29 pages extensive Press Statement of the Governor.

KAIV want to pitch the Governor against well meaning APC members by saying ‘.. Abdulrahaman ... claimed he won election singlehandedly in 2019’ but the governor’s statement reads ‘I’m not saying we got here because we were tough, or more intelligent than others. There’s something divine about getting here’ while he sincerely confessed ... “but what helped us is not that the people loved us to put us in, it is because the other side lost their mandate”. What other sincerity do people expect from ordinary man like him beyond this?

To KAIV, ‘Kwara 2019 elections was a daylight robbery , ... in the arrangement which imposed AA on our People’’ but to well meaning Kwara it is a divine salvation arrangement. Kwarans are thanking them for been part of process which brought Gov. AA even though they had deceptive agenda and truly aimed to bring a government that will serve their selfish agenda which they are openly fighting for now; it is enough for Kwarans that God has sabotage them.

Kwarans know KAIV, (just like their partner in opposition; PDP) but not any Kwarans of good conscience have zeroed their minds to present all positive developments from the administration led by Gov. AA (which they are so much dreaming of making a one chance Governor) as bad. Kwarans aren’t fools.

The pain must be unbearable because to refer to an ordinary gateman in the Government House as a pig magnificently clothed in golden robes (not to talk of a billionaire that turns) governor, which one might have collected 2k feeding allowances from the millions he put down during campaign (if one really work for such person's emergency as GOVERNOR) is enough self introduction from anyone to the public. This should be telling Kwara the nature and standard of humans that make up KAIV. We may not need to say much about them after knowing Kwarans read this line or statement too.

I was among those who verhemently worked against Gov. AA and chief among those who are blessing God today for his victory not only because he is doing tremendously well but because his visctory has expose the fake Mesiahs and deceitful personalties who had held the other side of Kwara Political Class in mental slavery as the side they were against held Kwara in Political slavery. Our decision to stand against them was hinged on the belief that exposed devils are better stayed with than concealed devils but thank God that knows the deep secrets of men for dealing with the two with a single blow of Gov. AA emergence.

Any well meaning kwaran will agree with that heavily packed single line statement out of that 29 pages Press release of Gov. AA even if he or she can’t comprehend the rest. “There’s something divine about getting here.”

It is high time Aanigba recognises there is something divine about Gov. AA getting to that post and also recognise that they are not God. Aanigba should stop playing God on issue of APC or Gov. AA as concern 2023 election.

Just passing by and reluctantly contributing not to insult those that need been worshipped.

Bisi Kristien

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