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N-Power Salary: The Pros & Cons of Why You Might Not Be Getting Paid

N-Power program which is now anchored by NASIMS portal has seen the deployment of about Batch C with 500,000 beneficiaries in its Stream 1 and hopeful to see the deployment of 400,000 beneficiaries for its Stream 2 of the youth empowerment scheme, a scheme derived by the present administration to curtail and reduce the rate of unemployment in the nation.

The N-Power program in its early start with the Batch A had so much amenities with it, possibly as it was the starter, hence such was expected to cajole the beneficiaries, with amenities such as vests, face caps, android mobiles/laptops, 3 years duration and a mouth-watering stipend. The second batch beneficiaries (Batch B) which followed also had the benefit of enjoying the long term duration with few amenities, but what they suffered most was delay in payment of their last term fees, this is a issue that many of the beneficiaries have lamented and stressed on and with the hope of a positive clearance soon.

Now, the batch C beneficiaries are candidates that had applied since early years of 2020 but finally back on track this year August with lots of changes. The lucky chosen ones got deployed to Places of Primary Assignments (PPA) on October 4th of this year, many visible complains have indeed popped up, from the change in website to NASIMS, the instability and strenuous challenges faced by applicants during registration, as many had to stay up middle of the night to possible get this done with the new portal (NASIMS). Just as if that was not enough, after the selections beneficiaries still were faced with the issues of downloading PPA letter, some placed kilometers away from their place of residence.

After the long process of battling with the poor network of the website, the downloading of PPA letters was letter shifted as beneficiaries were advised to proceed to their venues of screening for Physical Verification and after a successful verification to proceed with ease to download PPA letters, head to PPA for signing and upload acceptance letter. The physical verification held for about 2 weeks, extended again for like about 1 week but this is Nigeria, so you know what it is like.

News has it that most beneficiaries are still pending on their physical verification amidst some faced with other website issues of their profile (BVN, Date of birth) and most of all redeployment. Many beneficiaries posted too far away distances and have applied for redeployment on the NASIMS portal are still yet to get cleared for the process while some beneficiaries are on the process of interstate redeployment with no progress yet.

Amidst all the said drama, many of the beneficiaries that are already at work in their various PPA’s are of high hopes that the stipend for this month comes through. But many others have some perspective about many things concerning this year’s N-Power scheme, so we’ve taking time to highlight them as Pros, Cons and Hypothesis as listed below:

1. The fact that many have not being Physically Verified and some still working on the redeployment being delayed by the NASIMS portal makes it very unlikely that stipends would be paid this month and as likely to be paid in 3 moths time (December) when beneficiaries would receive 3 moths pays;

2. Many are of the hope that this Batch C scheme would probably get extended, especially for the Stream 1 beneficiaries. I’d rather suggest no one hopes in that regard as we all know the current situation the country’s economy is at, though it’s obvious the rate of unemployment and how reasonable it would be if the government would permanent interested beneficiaries, but, No oooo;

3. The fact that the economy is currently unstable is another basic reason why the stipend for the N-Power Batch C Stream 1 may be delayed, as similar case has come to hearing for teachers in various states.

What is your take on this? The government is quite in heavy debts but trying to work towards reducing unemployment with probability of a work-no-pay situation.

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