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Lives Keep Losing But Still No Justice; Is This Worth It?

Who still recalls how or what prompted the uprising of the EndSars movement? Just a quick flashback though because i also can’t recall, but if you do, kindly share with us in the comment session.

Well, the EndSars movement resulted in a peaceful protest, that’s where the uprise really came into light and knowledge of most citizens of the country both home and abroad, Lagos and Abuja were the most places with the protest turn-up, but as it was in some other states a different scenario, this peaceful protest was derailed into carrying out some other illegal activities by some other youths with an alternative mindset, as reports had it that prisoners were set loose, police stations being set on fire, police officers attacked and some killed.

In Lagos, the Centre for Excellence was where the main topic occurred, precisely at one of the most famed spots; Lekki-tollgate, the peaceful protest had youths turn up in their dozens to voice out their minds and to be heard by our leaders and it lasted for days with as many passed their nights at the spot, in the cause of this was a ban on crypto-currency as these protesters were being funded with food supplies and financial assistance from many angles home and abroad based on that banks were unable to function.

But amidst all these turmoil on plight for our voices to be heard came the saga of tears when the peaceful protest turn to a bloody protest as armed forces of the government intervened first of disabling the cameras at the toll-gate followed with shots, tear-gas and battering youths at the protest, lives were lost, many injured, a series of event unwrapped on this said day marked 20th October, 2020 (Black Tuesday) coupled with lost souls before this day and even afterwards as series of events still unfold in not just Lagos this time but in some other states as well such as the states imposed curfew, youth vandalism, etc.

This year 2021 of 20th October, the youths decide to hold an anniversary in memory of the lost souls that were sacrificed in the fight for the cause of our rights. Peacefully as usual was the march towards the Lekki-tollgate which many have termed to be a spot of memorial and even raised such suggestions. In the way of the peaceful anniversary, stormed by security personnel’s, news has it that at some points tear-gas was fired at the protesters hence disrupting the protest. The protest has the sights of Falz, Mr. Macaroni in a vehicle procession for the protest, in this also was the humiliation of Canadian based Nigerian by the police force where he was being interviewed, youths harassed, arrested for being too bold and some caught with charms for God knows what.

My thoughts, is all this really worth it? The last year saga was so disheartening, lots of lives lost and yet the government still didn’t heed nor take appropriate justice, so why the resilience when we know what the outcome is still likely to be?

A ti soro soke won gbo loke but they feel it’s okay? We’ve voiced our minds but are we being listened to?

Naija go better, E go better sef don turn National anthem. Whilst we still remain in the fallacy of being leaders of tomorrow for this country at least let us remain joy of tomorrow for our families and dear ones.

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