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"I Have Being Pounding Yams For A Living Since The 90s"- Meet Emma the Pounder

By Lu Oulier Abikoye

There about every person in Lagos city man, woman and children usually have this hustle zeal to earn a honest living, overlooking the hardships to attaining such goals. But again based on religious beliefs, God has endowed each and everyone of His creations with an excelling gift or talent, it's basically left to us to discover and unleash them.

This is a story of a middle aged man Mr. Emma, a Lagos based talented and blessed individual; his skill and talent at pounding yam is lunar in the area of abode and even far beyond. This has earned him the alias which he's now popularly referred to as, "Iyan" a Yoruba term for the food "pounded yam", hilarious right? But you know how Lagos people are now, everything gets styled, some even spiced it up as "Emma the Pounder".

Iyan may not be the your regular kinda celebrity but believe me you he's an A-list ponder with no rival. Here is. A mind-blowing fact is this, if you have eaten pounded yam at any restaurant in Lagos mainland vicinities of Surulere; specifically around Ojuelegba, Shitta, Lawanson, Bode Thomas or Ijesha axis, then you have surely enjoyed the fruits of Emma the Pounder's efforts.

Iyan is a professional pounder who pounds yam for all the major restaurants around Surulere. Furthermore, he renders pounding services to individuals who would like to enjoy pounded yam at home or during an occasion.

He obviously is no novice at this, has Iyan is has been a vast name amidst canteen operators in Surulere from way back in the early 90s. Even if you do not have a mortar and pestle at your location, be rest assured Iyan has got you covered with his own mortar and personalized pestle.

Below are few comments from people:

"If you would like to treat your family to the tune of pounded yam with your favorite soup any weekend; or perhaps you're hoping to serve pounded yam during your next occasion; Iyan is your sure plug" - Lu Outlier Abikoye.

All in all to cap it, Emma the Pounder now has a website for your delightful request of his humble pounded yam services.

To make a request, please visit:

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