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Gov. AA, Them And Kwarans! The Liberation Of Kwara Isn't Completed Until These Fake Messiahs Are Silenced!

By Bisi Kristien

I remember the night of that March 9 is a hell for us but jubilations for Kwarans. As the result trickled in from all centres and we suffered defeat over defeat. Clearly, Kwarans were celebrating but we were not. Kwarans were celebrating because they felt they have sent packing the slave master and that Kwara is free. You are good in your guess that we were sad because we lost in an election

Politics is assumed to be more of a game while some people tend to take it as war. However, politics suppose to be of community’s interests and nothing like game or war. It should be a game or be taken as personal war because everyone suppose to be fighting for the good of the same community. Even though it is hypocrisy that will make anyone claims he is not interested in anything personal before joining politics; personal interest is not expected to be pursued to the detriment of the confessed community interest.

The dirty fight going on in the professed or is it confessed progressive political family presently is opening a cancer warm that can only appear to the wise as error of lifetime on the party of the gladiators. Presently, it is more like fraudster fighting their leaders who are against fraud. It is worse than robbers opening face mask in public as they fights someone guiding the money. What is going on within progressive camp is worse imagine scenario. 

The progressive are fighting their governor and the reasons so far are; not submitting to the party leadership, not taking directive from some elders before deciding on issue and recently ungratefulness to the Minister for Information. As a result of these named offenses from the governor all what the governor are doing like introduced transparency, equitable recruitment, hundreds of school buildings construction completed or ongoing, hundreds of thousands of furniture for these schools, hospital renovations, etc. which if a positive step in Kwara history are presented as bad by the one fighting the governor, then, something is certainly wrong with these pseudo progressives parading themselves as stakeholders!

For the first time in the last two and a half years, the governor addressed the Press which gave birth to Press Release of 29 pages addressing different issues of importance on Kwara State matter but it is surprising that what Kwara self acclaimed Progressives only react to is what touched their warlord. These people that have possessed the national and international news channel to ridicule, destroy and blackmail the governor for these two and half years now are declaring as pettiness two statement affecting the ministers they did not hide the fact that he is behind their war against the governor. 

These people did not see as a great shame that their leader as a progressive group is questioned on the whereabouts of the money some people contributed to him as he claimed to be fighting for the course of the masses but were quick to call the one questioning an ingrate. Probably they are calling the governor an ingrate for exposing corruption among those who are claiming to be fighting to free Kwara from corruption.

These people are so engulfed in furry that they forgot they are claiming holiness and had presented themselves as political saints; to hear a political saint cannot give account of hundreds of millions while the salary of a governor is 12m x 48months should be shocking and shameful but the reaction from the Vice Chairman of self acclaimed progressive calling the person that was revealing that as an ingrate for revealing them.

It shouldn’t be until these people tell us clearly that they are fighting the governor because he was against corrupt deals that we need decode their intent; all what they are openly saying now is telling us that clearly. It is now not between the two warring groups only but Kwara as a whole needs to decode and discern. Both the good intended politicians that fight Otoge war and those good politicians that didn’t believe the Otoge will do it differently and for those worked against them, they need to know the needed third force is now forming under Gov. Abdulrazaq AbdulRahman. 

The definition of Progressive in the Concept of _Aanigba_ is what they are fighting for now; pocket the government and been accountable to none. If the _Aanigba_ felt the question on the whereabouts of campaign money is an act of ungratefulness toward their Leader, we can as well belief the refusal to hand over campaign money to them caused this crisis as the governor said. We can now agree that the liberation of Kwara isn’t completed until these fake Messiahs are silent. 

To complete the liberation process going on in Kwara; Kwarans need to give Gov. AA the needed backing to overcome these opposing forces who are clearly not interest in Kwara goodness but fighting openly for personal gain without any consideration for the fact that the Kwarans they fooled for many years on radio with the impression that they were not after any personal gain are watching them live.

If we must believe them without doubting them that Gov. AA is not grateful to their Boss because he talked about unaccounted campaign money which their leader misappropriated; it will still be safer to stand with Gov. AA who should ordinarily believe they are all saints who cannot mismanage money as we all believe and we be a bigger betrayal to all Kwarans that voted him in if he refuses to shout ‘O o le e e’ if he see anyone among them stealing millions.

*Thank you for choosing to be betrayal to those who were deceiving Kwarans than betraying the trust Kwarans put in you Gov. AA..*

Just passing by,

Bisi kristien 

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