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#Endsars: Move From Street To Ballot, YPP Tells Youth At Road Show

Olufemi Folayan, chairman, Young Progressives Party, YPP, has advised youth to move from street protests, social media sensationalization to the ballot as means of effecting lasting change in governance in the country.

The youthful party chair made this call on Thursday as the party began its road shows on ballot revolution sensationalization.

"We are the generation that will inherit this country. But, we have to save her first. 

"It is clear that the challenges facing Nigeria and Nigerians at this moment in time can not be solved by our lamentations on social media, nor can they be addressed by street protests. We must, therefore, move from the street to the ballot to achieve the YPP Ballot Revolution," Folayan said, while addressing the press.

YPP in Kwara has gained traction in leaps and bounds after factionalisation appears to have bedevilled the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, while what should have been leading opposition, People's Democratic Party, PDP, has largely been docile.

The YPP road show provided opportunity for the commemoration of the Endsars protest last year which claimed lives of protesters in Lagos last year.

Speaking on the ill fated protest, the state party chief executive drew parallel with fate of the protesters at the Lekki toll gate with the lot of the average Nigerian on the street.

"A year ago, Nigerian youth across the country spoke out loud and clear with one “SoroSoke” voice, against police brutality and bad governance. 

"We expressed our anger and frustration, and demanded for a reset.
"Armed only with internet connectivity, social media skills, unity, collective purpose, and a burning passion for a better Nigeria, youth shutdown the nation and forced the Nigerian Government to promise the immediate disbandment of the notorious SARS unit and pledge reforms for officers of the Nigerian Police Force. 

"With a purely egalitarian structure, youths provided security, legal and health services, entertainment and funds for the protest. 

"There was no differentiation along religious or ethnic lines. 

"Nigerian youth do not think along the lines of East or West; North or South. This is reserved for the deeply entrenched ‘political elite’ that have this country by the throat. 
"Sadly, the response from the Government was initially mute, but was finally loudly violent. 

"We can never forget that many young Nigerians were injured, and lost their lives in the course of fighting for a better society. 

"Let us make sure that the sacrifices of these fallen heroes are not in vain. 

"We must see the EndSARS protest as proof of our power and capacity to rebirth Nigeria," the party chairman said.

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