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Decentralization of Nigeria: Little Did You Know About Biafra & IPOB

Nigeria since the time of amalgamation has being in expansion and this expansion is what has brought us to the current geopolitical zones by which we operate by; North, East, West & South. Since she gained inpendence in 1960 alas it was deemed a day of freedom and henceforth hopefully but this independence only lasted for a period of time as the country has still remained “underdeveloped” since then. Declared “Giant of Africa” based on geographical reason of size and population, Nigeria is still yet to attain that stage economic of stability or development, socially and infrastructural.

Years back, many had opined that the only reasonable and strategic solution to a stable economy in the country is “Decentralization” which sees the country dividing into its four cardinals, whereby each region is in control of its resources i.e. The South seeing to the management and control of oil matters, refinery and sales, the West faced and fending with agriculture, etc. It was basically a mere suggestion that later got to wash away of the minds of many.

Later again came the concept from one of the largest cities in Africa; Ibadan the capital of Oyo State, where the state government had opined for the creation of a state (Odua People) out of the magnificent city based on some reasons of social and infrastructural management, to keep the city in good shape and as well to immortalize the traditional Yoruba ancestor by the name. This issue got into talks but to no affirmation, it was merely compensated with the creation of the Odua University.

As if that was not enough, then came the era of the 54 year-old Abia born British citizen of Nigeria, Nnamdi Okwu Kanu, a pro-Biafra political activist that picked up the mantle of leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in 2014. One could say his aim to doing this is likely based on the fact of the concept of decentralization which was waded-off and considering the point to view of the Igbo people, especially Southern of being treated less even considering the fact that the main source of income for the country which (oil) is majorly drilled and obtained from their soil.

Little Did You Know of Biafra
Biafra, officially the Republic of Biafra existed from May 1967 to January 1970 and was state from Nigeria that withdrew its constituent entities from political union membership in West Africa, its territory consisted the South-eastern region of Nigeria. The capital of Biafra was then Enugu, ruled by a Republic government, had the currency Biafran pound. Biafra is derived from two Igbo words ‘bi’ (come) and ‘fra’ (take).

The issue of the creation of IPOB has indeed put the leader, Nanamdi Kanu as an eye-sore to the Nigerian government, as he’s being arrested and charged to court on various occasions but lately it has being a huge makeover as charges keep on counting against him from the government but he is in no will to back-down on the case with full support from his followers.
At the end, we may see to the creation and re-establishment the Republic of Biafra and things might perhaps go back to the way it was before it got dissolved in 1970.

What do you think about ‘Decentralization’ in Nigeria?

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