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Daylight Robbery Without Mask! Congratulations To Efunra As Their Chairman Wins PDP Senatorial Chairman Seat -MMAP

We all know greediness is an acceptable norm in PDP Kwara but no one expects it to be that bad. No one expects greediness to grow to an extent that Efunra Group will forget they are still deceiving Kwarans on the Radio that they are non partisan as they employed all falsehood to discredit Gov. AbdulRaman AbdulRazaq in the guise of Elders or Stakeholders' Group.

Moreover, no one will expect that PDP Kwara is now without someone who can reason and see the aspiration of someone who chaired Efunra that claims to be non partisan for PDP Chairman as integrity devoids aspiration that will reveal the true content of their party.

The most shameless act is for the same Efunra group to still came on Radio again days latter and be calling themselves non partisan still. Please, tell Sarakites it is not only propaganda of our late father and his two friends on the Radio then that made people rejected ABS but because there were many anomalies going on that people themselves were witnessing.

It was not that Bukola used the windfalls, bailouts, grants and Paris Club refunds to do what it was meant for to the half of it and the radio trio were just cooking lies but because they were glaring sinking the monies in white elephants project and sweeping out off with paper perfection before the opened eyes of all. The exaggeration and propaganda were deliberately encouraged because people knew the little misconducts going needed be halted. Especially, the abhorring of Slave-Master relationship by many with the joining hands of those affected by the glass ceiling in the sky of the Dynasty world who deliberately allowed those propaganda to fly.

It is however contrary now as thousands of projects are going on simultaneously now, employment with empowerment going on transparently and people are seeing direct impact of government in their nose.

The lies were not working before among the learned but PDP and _Aanigba_ who aimed to deceive the masses with fake impression that people are now against Gov. AbdulRaman AbdulRazaq, exhibited the blunder of Efunra Chairman as greediness makes them to remove their mask during their day robbery.

Now, Kwara knows Efunra is PDP association or Saraki Group working to bring their Boss back. Many will still be exposed totally as time goes on even as we know people know them to be fake activists, fake press and fake human right fighter.

All ABS, Maigida or Aanigba Gladiators P. As that are turning human right enforcers should be known and seen as deceivers. If what we were saying were not clear to them, the emergency of Bisi FAKAYODE of Efunra as PDP SENATORIAL Chairman for PDP should have cleared their doubt that those round table discussions here and there on radio are to tactically attack the Gov. AA.

From: Mass Movement Against Propaganda

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