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BEWARE: How Ilorin-Born Dubai Based Serial Fraudster, Olayiwola Abubakar Swindle Nigerians

The above picture is that of a fraudster who is wanted for a series of fraudulent activities in Kwara, Nigeria. His name is Olayiwola ABUBAKAR Mohammed. 

He is an indigene of Ilorin the capital of Kwara State and is married to one Karimat (Name not real). According to reports made available to us, he lived around Sango area, before he moved to Akerebiata area with his wife and after he relocated to Dubai. 

His regular WhatsApp number was: ‎+234706 3091741, but he carries out his fraudulent activities through his International WhatsApp number which is +971567617203.

He graduated from Kwara State University, Malete from the Department of Visual and performing arts in year 2016. And he is about 30 years of age.

He is a very sly individual and a serial fraudster, who has perfected the act of defrauding his victims of several millions of naira by first gaining their confidence and then hitting them below the belt. He does this by either cooking up lies to draw emotions from people close to him or getting close to them pretending like a natural care giver showing concerns about their welfare.

One of his victims simply identified as Dapo who spoke with KWARAREPORTERS NEWS, said they graduated from the same University and that he claimed to have a job vacancy he has secured for him in Dubai. It was after he collected N500k from him that he knew it was all false.

"Me and Layi do speak alot and he was aware of the first disappointment I had around March of 2021 when I wanted to travel to the same Dubai. He called me around August through WhatsApp call that there is a job vacancy at his work place in Dubai and that he will like me to occupy the space due to all help I had rendered to him during our days in school which also he said I should try to get like N750k for my work permit Visa while he will assist me with the flight ticket fee which I will be paying him back when I start the job in Dubai. And as an old friend I never doubted him because I never know him for such."

"Immediately I got his call I started making contact with family and friends to make arrangements for that money. At first I sent him N150k to his Jaiz Bank Account: 0006754248 Abubakar Olayiwola Mohammed, which I later sent him another N150k, making N300k and after he called me to balance up for the visa so that we can get it in 2 days time which I did. He now later link me up an agent which he said he will help me out with my movement including my flight ticket and that I will have to leave Nigeria for Benin Republic so that I can follow the country due to the ban placed on Nigeria by Dubai Government.

Payments receipts obtained by KWARAREPORTERS NEWS

"I left for Cotourno the Capital of Benin Republic on 18th of August 2021 by road which I got there on 19th the next day, met with the agent he connected me with who lodged me in an hotel with his other clients who are also going to Dubai, and ever since then I started calling Layi to send my Visa and settle the agent so that he can start the processing and Layi started giving me unreasonable excuses, he first said he doesn't trust the agent and later he said the agent he contracted to do my Visa disappointed him and to the extent that I ended up spending 2 weeks in Cotourno doing nothing. He one time asked me to sent him N150k to balance up the money in his account so that he can be able to sent it to the agent for my flight ticket and Covid-19 Vaccinated card...which I did with the help of my elder brother and after the whole extortion, the agent had no option than to kick me out of the hotel room and seized my belongings including my Nigeria International Passport because Layi failed to pay him all fees he supposed to (including hotel bill).

"As my belongings was seized from me, I left for Nigeria emptied. I had to call him on the latest development which he was still giving me assurance that he is cooking up something on my movement to Dubai and that my Visa will soon be ready...then I began to suspect him. When I got to Nigeria I had to call him to send me back my money since he had breached our agreement and failed to pay the agent guy. And since then he keep posting me saying he will pay me when he collect his salary which he claimed to be N540k, since August till now he has refused to pay me and now he has blocked me off and while I tried to reach him through my other number I discovered he has switched off his line. He concluded.

On returning to Nigeria, Dapo also said he wrote a petition against Olayiwola Abubakar Mohammed to the EFCC via The Eagle Eyes (EFCC) App and to Dubai Government via there Fraud Unit website.

Another victim who also spoke with KWARAREPORTERS NEWS also narrated her ordeal while dealing with Olayiwola.

She said "we are like 4 who needed our University (school) transcripts and Layiwola claimed to be a travel agent and he said he will help us out while he collected N150k each from us and till this moment we haven't seen or gotten our transcripts. And all attempt to get our money back from him was not productive, Afterall I had thats how he duped other people. She said.

Sources told KWARAREPORTERS NEWS that he escaped to Dubai in January 2021, where it is suspected that he has gone to continue his fraudulent act against unsuspecting Nigerian citizens based in Dubai. Before his escape, his Nigerian phone numbers is +2347063091741.

This is to alert the general public to be wary of this fraudster, who could be posing as a friend or acquaintance in your neighbourhood or at work.

Here are some of his luxury lifestyle in Dubai

Should he be spotted anywhere in Nigeria or Dubai, kindly generate an email to this address:

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