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OPINION: Comrade Abdul-Rahoof Bello Not In Tune With Kwara Realities -By Kola Gobir

Sometimes I wonder how our people are so quick at pointing accusing fingers at others in order to create issues where there is none and to score cheap political goals. And this was not far from an opinion credited to one Comrade Bello Abdul-Rahoof (Labelabe) titled, "Death Of Chief Rex Kola Olawoye And The Hypocrisy Of Condolences By Cupboard Lovers", claiming the dream of Baba Rex (RIP) on Kwara that will work for all was not achieved till his death.

He said, and I quote, "The last wish of the late APC Chieftain was to see Kwara taken to an Eldorado by the government jointly produced by him. Alas! the man died without his vision of a new Kwara State being achieved!". It is so unfortunate that such a statement is coming from a man who is not blind or crippled to walk around and see the positive changes that are happening in Kwara since the birth of the "O to ge" Government. And this possibly means Mr Labelabe is totally not in tune with the happenings in his own political constituency and in Kwara.

It will be a waste of time to lecture you on the current progress Kwara and Kwarans have been enjoying since inception of the current administration led by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq since you have already made up your mind to be against the people's Government and to see nothing good in what he has been able to achieve so far.

Majority of you wailers claiming to love Baba Rex more than anyone else today are nothing but attention seekers and pretenders who during the life of the prominent political gladiator never contributed anything towards his political aspirations. Baba Rex, during his lifetime, contested for the seat of House of Representatives; but to my surprise, a two term local government Chairman and self-acclaimed face of struggle and liberation, Comrade Abdul-Rahoof Bello couldn't get him a primary ticket amongst his so called friends and this prompts me to ask: Comrade AbdulRahoof, .who did you vote for or influence for the House of Representatives seat that Baba Rex contested for? 

I will advise you to examine yourself and hold yourself accountable for the collective decisions you and your fellow APC machineries made, instead of blaming games. 

Kola Gobir is a Public Affairs Analyst from Ilorin East Local Government Area.

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