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N-Power Redeployment: The How, Perspective Advantages & Disadvantages

This is coming to you purely from a positive perspective of view. The Batch C Stream 1 N-Power beneficiaries of a little over 500,000 in number are currently still ongoing the process of Physical Verification, the last phase of the empowerment process before commencement of duty to their assigned places of primary assignments.

Note that after physical verification, beneficiaries who have not downloaded their PPA letter are now at ease to download it, proceed to their PPA to sign and upload the signed PPA letter on the NASIMS portal as their "Acceptance letter".

But on the other hand, majority of these beneficiaries have being bitter and lamenting on how far their PPA, especially considering the fact that it was expected that most beneficiaries would be posted based on the information of residential address they'd provided during registration, while some others were at luck of being posted to neighboring areas not too far. This reason is perhaps why the N-Power scheme had also included the "Redeployment" option for cases of such scenarios.

Based on critical thoughts and analysis, the following are concluded:
Advantages of Redeployment
#1. You get to choose an organization that's at your easiest accessibility
#2. It's a very easy process
N.B: If you intend to redeploy, simply print out 2 Copies of your PPA in the process

Disadvantages of Redeployment
#1. Uncertainty of being rejected by your PPA
#2. Very risky: many applied but few were chosen and you're lucky to be in the Stream 1, there's no guarantee that your redeployment won't affect your monthly stipend
But again, you never know till you try right?
Here is a pictorial representation of the steps required for redeployment:

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