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"How I Got Scammed By A Top Official In My Department" - Popular University Student Shares

School na scam is no longer a new thread of anthem that students, graduates and even those that have not being opportuned to see the windows of the so called school.

The fact that school is a scam is probably based on the fact that some of the ones in charge (bad-eggs) are the actual scams to be termed as such, it's no doubt the denial and critics against school lately is based on many ramifications/occurrences (you know what I mean, so mouths zipped on that). The major and top most is that of student exploitation a.k.a runs a.k.a parole which is often an association between students and lecturers.

Some students of a prestigious developing University somewhere in West Nigeria shared their experience as fresher's in ordeal with a runs they involved in with one of their departmental lecturers in the summit to upgrade examination scores. The students said they had approached one of the ruling heads in their departmental and paid huge amount of money to this man to help them upgrade their semester results, based on agreement and assuring them with utmost guarantee he (the man) accepted, but at last it turned out that they were played as their results came out woefully. Hence they asked and pleaded to this man for a refund but he had being denying them of this for the past 1month since the release of their results.

Yes the students agree on the illegality of their actions but at least they feel it's disheartening if they loose on both sides.
In all honesty, how do you think the students should approach this matter?
Name of the man, department and school coming soon... E go shock una, so fingers crossed.

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