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Heart Mender Touching Lives Initiative Takes It's Campaign Against Suicide To Laspotech

It was a wonderful and educative session in faculty of Environmental Studies (SESSA), Lagos State Polytechnic (Laspotech), Ikorodu Campus yesterday as the Heart Mender Touching Lives Initiative, a gender based Non-governmental, Non-profitable Organization took it's campaign on suicide prevention to the campus.

Yesterday, September 10th which is internationally recognized as the WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY is a day to remember in Lagos State Polytechnic ikorodu campus as the HEART MENDER TOUCHING LIVES INITIATIVE in partnership with the FACULTY OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES STUDENT ASSOCIATION (SESSA) Led by comrade Olorunfemi Kehinde organized a one day seminar to educate and Lecture the Students on the prevention of suicide and things to do to keep away from being suicidal.

The seminar kicked off with the Dean of the faculty, Esv Abel Olayinka Ogungbemi welcoming the Students and team of the HEART MENDER TOUCHING LIVES INITIATIVE to the campus and highlighting the need for the Students not to loose hope in any situation they find themselves in.

The guest speaker of the day, Bar. Micheal Obasikene (LL.B,BL), lectured the Students on legal means they can use in tackling serious issues they face than bottling the issues inside of them which can lead to depression and then thought of suicide might creep in.

He highlighted the various issues Students go through and possible ways of tackling the issues.

Standing in for the staff adviser of the faculty who was absent due to official assignment was a lecturer from the faculty Mr Uthman Olayinka. 

Mr Uthman Olayinka lectured the student on various happenings on campus, things the Students do that warrant them having low grades in school and thereby Making them think much leading to depression and possible ways to tackle this happenings to avoid been depressed. 

He stated further the need for Students to stop believing that grades will fall like manner from heaven and study hard to make their parents and the country at large proud.

To buttress more on what Mr Uthman said, Architect Ariyibi, a lecturer in architectural department in the institution also encouraged the Students to visit the guidance and counselling department of the school anytime they are going through difficult times and are in dare need of someone to talk to if they can't share their issues with friends around them.

Mr Daniel Ejike O. (Ancient Priest) who is the founder of HEART MENDER TOUCHING LIVES INITIATIVE lectured the Students on emotional issues that can lead to depression and make them start contemplating suicide.

He spoke on the individual factors, Relationship factors, community, cultural and societal factors causing suicide.

Mr Ejike Daniel pointed out the common suicide warning signs, how to prevent suicide and reasons why everyone must live.

Heart Mender Touching Lives Initiative with instagram and twitter handle @heartmender231 is a non governmental non profitable organization that cut across tribes, religion, states and countries touching the lives of people in various diversified ways. The NGO is a gender based NGO that promote love and care amongst the emotionally broken couples and people and also help kids with the eight educational philosophies (Perennialism, Essentialism, Behaviorism, Progressivism, Reconstructionism, Positivism, Constructivism and Humanism/Existentialism).

Also present at the seminar were representatives of BRODAS ACROSS NIGERIA (BAN) SIGMA GALLEON Abuja, SRILANKA FRIGATE, Bauchi and BOAVISTA FRIGATE, ikorodu Lagos.

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  1. Great work you are doing out there. May the Lord always see you through as you have chosen the part to help better the lives of those that have lost hope and to give them reason to live again. God will always show up for you anytime you need help to carryout the assignment. I celebrate your sacrifice