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Brief History About Sheikh (Dr.) Muhammad Kamud-deen Al-Adabiy

In account of the many pious men of God to have walked this Earth, this man of God is no doubt on the top list. His Eminence, Sheikh (Dr.) Muhammad Kamalud-deen Al-Adabiy, MFR, OFR, ORSA (Egypt). D.Litti. (University of Ilorin), Fellow of Islamic Studies in Nigeria (FISN) was born in 1907 at Ile Ara-Agbaji compound of Masingba, Okekere area in Ilorin at the turn of the twentieth century and He died in 2005 at the age of 98th.

His father was Mallam Habibullahi, son of Musa while his mother was Madam Khadijah. The paternal grandparents are said to have migrated from Katsina. He acquired Qur'anic education under the tutelage of Sheikh Ahmad Tijani and his son Sheikh Salahudeen at Ile Babaita, Ilorin. At the same time, a great Arabic scholar and distinguished Sufi-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Jami Al-Labib was already popular in Ilorin. The Mystic Sheikh was popularly known as Sheikh Taj al-Adab.

Sheikh Kamalud-deen Al-Adabiy was admitted into Adabiyyah School of Sheikh Taj al-Adab on the 8th of .Rajab 1338 A.H/28th of March, 1920 CE.

Sheikh Kamalud-deen Al-Adabiy He is the founder of Ansarul Islam Society of Nigeria.

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