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Anambra Guber: PRP Makes Shocking Headway Towards Victory

As preparations towards the forthcoming governorship elections in Anambra State, increase, the Peoples Redemption Party PRP, has intensified effort, towards ensuring its victory in the November governorship election. It was a Glamorous occasion over the weekend at the Country home of Chief. Dr. Nnamdi Nwawuo (IGWE AYAYA), the candidate/Flag Bearer of Peoples Redemption Party In the forthcoming Anambra State Governorship Election 2021.

An event slated for Simply interaction and get together purpose, later turned to what only (Wow!) Can be the suitable discription word to be used.

The event witnessed what will best be described as a momentous occasion, with the presence of The Deputy Governorship Candidate of the Party, Chief. Chigozie Igbo, Leaders of the Party, ably led by the State Chairman Of the Party, Hon Mathias Aniwanchukwu , and the National Youth Leader of the Party Comrade Wolimoh Olajide, Chairman of All Native Doctors in Anambra, Leaders of Igwe Ayaya Campaign Organization and Leaders of All Igwe Ayaya Support Groups.

Nando Yesterday Went Agog, as the stentorian Chants of the Momentous Crowd made all wave.

Breaking the traditional kola at the event proper, was The Chairman of Native Doctors Forum in Anambra (EZE DIBIA) Who talked in the bid of the Kola prayer, According to him, The redemption of Anambra has long over due and it is time for Igwe Ayaya to Lift the shattered hopes of the downtrodden whom in their plights have gone down in so much agony having Zero hope as the past and current government has relaxed on the status quo of pocket enrichment as against the service to the people.

We have suffered alot and finally enough in this state, All Christian government in this state seems all the same, with the disgusting deteriorating part of Denominational fight as against Credibility, Ife na ewuzi na obodo anyi bu, ndi nkea si na obu CMS ga achi, Ndi Nke ozo asi na obu Ndi Uka Father (Catholic), adirozi ekwu okwu onye ga edozi obodo anyi, mee ya ka odi mma, all they are much interested is the eventuality of their denominational member taking up the seat, and after which some bunch of Crooks will be voted in and engage in what i call cajoling with bible in the name of swearing and go back to start from where their predecessors stopped.

Enough is enough it shall not happen again in Anambra, I've told God that if Nnamdi Nwawuo does not occupy that seat let no man do so; it is time to give the traditionalist a chance let them have a take in the LEADERSHIP of the state and see with your Eyes what Redemption is all about.

The State Chairman of the Party in his remarks welcome all and sundry present, thank each and everyone, for making out time to be part of the get together amidst all the numerous occasions on ground and in disregard of the angry cloud, it goes a long way to show that we all are together in this emancipation voyage for our dear state.

Not wasting much of your time, I will like to reiterate once more the readiness of PRP as a party and Igwe Ayaya as a person in taking over Agu Awka Come November 6 2021, endeavour to disregard the naysayers as we are Ready to Match Them head to head in this election. 

Further more on the trending issues about the APC intending to rig the Election in Favour; the chairman said "I would want to send a message to where ever and who ever is nursing such Abortive thinking to desist from it because it is dead on arrival, Anambra state is not Imo state where Anything and anybody can have it's way, this is our state, we are on ground and we will resist any form of Election Fraudulent act come November 6th. Our PVCs are all intact, we will all vote and defend our vote; So if by any means the presidency have in mind to delve in the Election of Anambra, they should better harbour a rethink for Anambra can never give a way for such."

In his remarks, the Rave of the Moment, Chief. Dr. Nnamdi Nwawuo (Igwe Ayaya) took center stage to appreciate the guests; sighting himself as the God chosen Leader. The people couldn't hold back their Joy as they are seen chanting his praises while waving the Party's Flag, Joy was seen beaming in their faces. What more could be said about a people's love for their son?

He took the audience briefly round the part of his manifesto ranging from;

●Operation Feed your Home through Agricultural Farm settlement each per 21 LGA in the state.

●Revitalization/renovations of our Government owned Nursery and Primary schools to standard which is going to be on free education for all Anambrarians (in those level). A project targeted to be a panacea to curbing illiteracy and to help in carrying along our children whose parents can not afford private school.

●Putting in 25,000 payroll, all the Old Aged in Anambra state, the physically impeded Students in our Universities and our youths who are not gainfully employed in our Agricultural Projected (targeted to have in employment at least 1000 youths per LGA) and other Subsequent projects and programmes.

He further thanked them for their undoubted love and charged them to put up their best form as this is just the beginning. 

The National Youth Leader of the party who emphasized on how important Anambra state Project is to PRP as a party and further shed light on the need for party membership registration which can be done either online on the Party's website or offline at their different wards and also the PVC Registration as it is only with our card that our mandate will be felt and our voice heard.

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