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The Freedom To Falsely Destroy Gov. AA's Family Members In Kwara And When Challenging It Becomes Tyranny!

The talk of the Town today is that Gov. Rahman imprisoned 3 media operators for writing against him like Opera News. The News is funny and is giving rise to a question – Can a Governor imprison? Governor can only institute a case against a person like anyone and it will be difficult for us to believe Gov Rahman truly institutes the suit in question. We all know the governor lacks the power to imprison anyone and only court of competent jurisdiction can remand or imprison.

The case in question is said to border on the claim that a huge some of money was given to an individual by a government agency. The individual in question now institute a case of libel and character assassination against those that published the news. 

Someone published a news to the general public that a sum of N150m was given to an individual which is clearly an allegation of stealing. The individual now took the case to court and lawyers are defending and petitioning before a judge that abdicated and direct the remanding of those accused until bail conditions are determined and met. Minus the fact that the individual in question is related to the governor; how does telling such a lie against an individual become proper for someone to do? Or better put, how does an individual alleged of taken money decision to seek redress in court become a sin?

Is there immunity for citizens to incriminate their governor's family members anyhow because they have political score to settle?

 Did the lawyers that were said to have trooped to the court premises to defend the trio said the judge act outside the law or give maximum punishment to the offenders?

PUBLISHING a News that someone take N150m which you cannot establish is like killing the good name of such individual and calling those who made such allegations to order through lawful means is not out of order. People should rather warn those engaging in such action by calling them to order but not attacking someone whose character has been assassinated and is seeking redress.

We can only beg the one that sue the media guys to court to have mercy and withdraw the case. *Those who are painting the governor as tyrant on the case of Kayode Ogunlowo and others are political commentator finding all means to tarnished Gov. AA's name.* Are they saying the family of the governor can be destroyed, tarnished or lied against freely and their attempt to defend themselves are evil deeds? It is not different from blaming a man from defending his life from been destroyed by an assailant.

Gov. AA can’t be tagged a tyrant because someone who may be close to him took legal step to protect his or her name from outright lies that is incriminating him or her. The family of the governor reserves the right to still defend themselves even if Gov. Rahman is ready to sacrifice them to these media destroyers.

Noble man.

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