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Lai Mohammed Goes Into A Meltdown, Quits Kwara WhatsApp Groups Over Poor Outing Of His Faction At The APC Congresses -By Kola Ogunlowo

By Kola Ogunlowo

After the failure of the Bay of Pigs, John F. Kennedy told a journalist that, “victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan.” It’s an old idea. The historian Tacitus (who happened to be fascinated by and a peer of Seneca), once said, “This is an unfair thing about war: victory is claimed by all, failure to one alone.”

When things were supposedly going well for Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and culture, and his group, with false promises of Abuja support being a Minister, it’s easy to find support. 

The minister in his recklessness had thrown caution into the wind by calling the Governor of Kwara State unprintable names.

 He had also supported the factionalisation of the party when he presided over the commissioning of the secretariat of his factional group .

Lai in his remarks at the commissioning claimed he had visited the Chairman of the CEPPC, Mai Mala Bunni at Abuja with Prof AbdulKareem Oba and one other and they have been assured there wouldn't be any ward congresses in Kwara State, not until another party registration is done for his members - those who allegedly deliberately refused to register because their factional executives are not recognized and involved in the revalidation and registration exercise.

Now, that revalidation and registration exercise is over and congresses have been done, things are tough for the Minister, that suddenly options are beginning to disappear. Epictetus put it well, “In prosperity it is very easy to find a friend; but in adversity it is most difficult of all things.”

Lai isn’t just a sobering, sad thought has affected his relationship with his followers. It’s another Stoic reminder about preparedness. When things are going well, our ego makes us think we don’t need other people. We assume it’s going to be like this forever—that we’ve got everything covered. Of course, this is delusional.

It is precisely when things are good that we should be considering the possibility that someday they might not be so good. We should be acquiring allies. We should be doing favors and good for other people—because someday, we’ll need them to do the same for us.

Sadly, the Minister has existed all Kwara State WhatsApp groups, he also did not have anything nice to say about Prof Abdulraheem Oba and Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo whom he described as free loaders who never contributed financially to any program including the Congresses.         

 Some members of Lai Mohammed's group are also firing back accusing him of being very stingy and selfish. They alleged that of the about 6,000 positions to contest for (Including delegates), the Minister paid for only 1,000 nomination forms.

It can be lonely at rock bottom for the disappointed Minister but it doesn’t have to be. It’s going to require doing some work now—while the seas are calm, so that he is not left alone in a rough ocean when that changes, especially when he is unexpected eased out of the Federal cabinet, which is not unexpected.

Kola Ogunlowo, a public affairs analyst writes from Ajase Ipo

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