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APC Factional Secretariat Gifted To YPP, Has Gobir Finally Join YPP?

With happenings it is now showing that the former APC gubernatorial aspirant, Yakubu Gobir has joined the Young Progressives Party, YPP, with the donation of his office which is also formerly housing the BOB's faction of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to the YPP.

As at the time of writing this story, the former APC secretariat is now doning the colors of the YPP.

Gobir, few weeks ago had threw confusion to the BOB's camp when he locked APC faction out of the building without notice, forcing the group to hurriedly getting another office, which is also a subject of litigation, which has embarrassingly made the group homeless.

It was not just in the realm of political rhetorics that the YPP is striving to maintain relevance in Kwara State. The party also is banking on the intransigent APC members to build up its political symbolism.

To better his electoral fortune, Gobir whose banner is conspicuously hanging at the entrance of the new YPP secretariat, has been building an alternative vehicle ahead of the 2023 elections, immediately after the 2019 elections by galvanizing political actors, especially the opposition to the style of leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, under an umbrella using his Foundation, as canonfolder for the project. 

Conspicuous among the many political interventions, are the sponsorship and adverts of radio programmes, which often times are not government friendly.

Discerning observers are watching of the likelihood of the defection of the group of disaffected faction of the APC, who were the former occupants of the secretariat, to the YPP.

As elections draw nearer, hopes have been raised for the YPP to be the formidable opposition in Kwara, ahead of the PDP which lost power to the APC.

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