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Ajadi, KWHA Lawmakers’ Supremacy Battle, In Whose Interest?

By Abdulrasaq Yusuf (Ph.D)

The internet in recent times has been saturated with malodorous exchanges between supporters of major political stakeholders in Ifelodun local government; Sen. Suleiman Makanjuola Ajadi and members representing Ifelodun local government constituency A and B at the Kwara state House of Assembly, Hons. AGF Salahudeen and Rasaq Owolabi.  The former Commissioner for Communications, Harriet Afolabi-Oshatimehin nomination by Governor Abdulrahman has however been a pawn in the hands of these political dramatis personae.

All feelers indicate the two lawmakers are plotting to frustrate the screening of Oshatimehin before the Kwara state House of Assembly, with orchestration of frivolous petitions against her nomination. She is alleged of insubordination against the Governor, leaking government documents, disrespecting a first class traditional ruler among other weighty but rather laughable accusations and name calling. 

The brawl between Ajadi, Owolabi and AGF is not, and should not be a source of worry for anyone, understanding it is only a ‘dog eat dog’ syndrome. It is however worrisome, the insensitivity to the distasteful and poisonous fruits the seed of discord they are planting in Igbomina land will produce. Attempt to drag a first class traditional ruler to their messy fight is to say the least, height of disregard for the stools of all traditional rulers in Ifelodun. 

Unfortunately for these desperate Assembly members, His Royal Highness, Olupako of Share Oba Haruna Olawale who was purportedly disrespected by Oshatimehin has dispelled the insinuation and as a father, enjoined sons and daughters of Igbomina land against divisive politics. I hope they have a rethink and apologize for unnecessarily dragging the revered Monarch into their shenanigans. 

 Without any iota of doubt, Oshatimehin is not a pushover in the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq cabinet during her first appointment and one of the least controversial political appointees notwithstanding her manning of the Communications Ministry. It is thus funny, how lawmakers with no single bill sponsored for over 2years of their tenures as lawmaker are using some political jobbers to question her performance. 

While some of the petitions questions Oshatimehin’s loyalty to the Governor, another says she sponsored empowerment programs in the name of the Governor because of her desperation. What can be more contradicting! 

If out of office, she could think of giving back to the people, more so, in honour of the Governor, anyone who has the people’s interest at heart should commend her personal commitment to humanity. What more will be convincing of her unalloyed support and loyalty to Governor Abdulrahman?

The leadership of the Kwara state House of Assembly should be wary of being dragged into a fight that is not for the people. Petitions should have some merits before it can be accepted as a basis for actions and inactions. How will a first class traditional ruler be insulted in a State like Kwara and no one hears of it? Is it not also ridiculous that a sitting commissioner is leaking official information regarding her own Ministry to social media? 

If anyone should be tagged uncultured, it should be Hon. Owolabi who openly disrespect and confront an elder like Sen. Ajadi. It is not unusual for politicians to have disagreements, self dignity and respect should however not be thrown into the bin. An attempt by  a young man as Owolabi to beat Sen. Ajadi is not only immoral, but negates the culture and tradition of a true born of Igbomina land. 

By all measures, it is evident from these malicious petitions that it is of no interest to the good people of Ifelodun or Igbomina land but mere settling of personal political scores. Since none has accused the nominee of corruption, incompetence or abuse of office.

Abdulrasaq Yusuf (Ph.D)

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